Saturday, June 21, 2008

Comeback Kings

A Turkish fan awaits the quarter final match

Last night we made another speciality of being the comeback Kings advancing to the semi-finals with a 3-1 shootout victory over Croatia following a 1-1 draw through injury time:)

Jun 20 ~ Turkey - Croatia: 4 - 2

We will meet Germany, who beat Portugal 3-2 on Thursday, in the first semi-final, in Basel, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

I can easily see the European Champion 2008;) And you?

Turkish players celebrate after beating Croatia


  1. Congratulations Nihal. It was an incredible match!
    Here in The Netherlands we see all the matches.
    My husband and two sons love to see soccer.
    Keep your fingers crossed tonight when the Dutch play against to Russians.
    I hope your country will win from the Germans, but it will be a hard game.
    Enjoy your weekend !

  2. I'll be cheering for your team. I love soccer.

  3. Congratulations!

    I saw the thriller last night and now we are waiting for wednesday to see you again! *gg*
    It was quite simply incredible.

    At the right side of my blog it is a translator (English and French) from Yahoo. Not very good, but better than less.


    Me and my family are looking forward for the next match.
    GO TURKEY!!!

  5. hey i saw the match ;)) great game and turkey went all through!!
    meanwhile we lived a nightmare last night, did you see it?? loosing from russia :((

  6. I love soccer, too bad France lost !!!!!
    But congratulations for your turkish team !!!

  7. yay..for Turkey, since I am no fan of football and dont support any team, I might as well support yours !!!

  8. * Firstly THANK YOU gals, for your support on our Turkish Team for EURO2008:) How nice to see and feel your warmth! Together with your wishes and prayers, I just cannot find any other reason rather than stopping us to win:) *

    @ Annelies: A hard game to beat Germany? You know we are a Team of Miracles:) And we are in the final whoever wins. Being one of the Big 4-Dream Teams that Turkish team placed in the soccer history of EU:)

    @ Marita: Soccer has been my new addiction now-a-days, and have been watching all of the games. Even though Orange's, your Dutch team, made a major impact winning the games, however it was really difficult to beat your competitor because I found a very well-organized Russia. It's not the end, you know in every 4-years the excitement of EURO Football Cup continues. Keep your hopes for next EURO2012:)

    @ Mélanie: Sorry for you;) Only France? All ambitious teams in EU returned back to home; France, UK, Portugal, Sweden, Czech, NL, and even Italy! Did I miss to say any team;) Hope you can be successful for next EURO2012 like NL:)