Friday, June 20, 2008

Something To Appreciate


Comment of the week:

''This blog is getting better everyday. Great post: lovely pictures, interesting text and a whole new world to discover -Bagdat Caddesi!
Just wish you'll be able to keep it that way...
Also loved to read the Pauline Year and Remember Me posts!
And what can I say of the pictures of the Bazaar? Stunning...''

By Gil


  1. Well deserved praise, and oh so very true.

    You should feel good.

  2. Gil is absolutely correct, it describe everything accurately!!!

    and your flip-flop on the, beautiful, what colours!!!

    lots of love and hugs always

  3. I also love reading your blog Nihal.
    Hope your country will win tonight during the European Soccer Championship.
    The Turkish community in The Netherlands is ready for it.
    ( I hope you don't mind that in the end I will be for The Netherlands)

  4. What a wonderful tribute, Nihal! You do have a wonderful blog --so interestinga nd so joyful too!

    Hugs, Pat