Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Street Fashion

I have not done a fashion post in quite some time, but when I saw the street fashion at the Bagdat Avenue (Turkish: Bagdat Caddesi) I knew it was time;)

Spring - Summer 2008 collection is airy, chic and relaxed now
-a-days here:) My favorite Bagdat Avenue fashion is great... looks comfortable and stylish:)

All we know that streets everywhere in the world takes over our sidewalks, cars pushing pedestrians ever farther onto tighter walking spaces, one except on Bagdat Caddesi.

It spans a great swath of Asian side of the City -where I also reside nearby-. The Street is narrowed from four to two lanes, widening the sidewalks on either side to make more room for strollers and shoppers. It's as you can imagine wide enough, comfortable sidewalks that are always relaxed even when it's crowded, fashion outlets, a plethora of green and lush outdoor cafés and restaurants, bars with gardens as well as easy access to parks, beach and walking paths along the Sea of Marmara. Additionally, many of the European side's most famous hot spots have opened branches in these neighborhoods.

The majority of residences here family-style, and not a lot of young singles living with roommates.

Nevertheless families have children, and plenty of children there are, young hip teens that's which means nightlife abounds, trendy restaurants and cafés can be found around every corner and those with a penchant for high end shopping won't be dissappointed.

It can be said that this is height of suburb but suburb with an urban sense of fashion and a taste for fine foods.

Now I hope you enjoyed my tour of the Asian side's answer to highlife seekers:)


  1. I always enjoy your walks around the neighborhood. I'd love to be sitting out in one of those wicker chairs sipping coffee and enjoying the afternoon with you.


  2. Nihal, Bagdat Avenue looks fantastic. I love the relaxed feel it evokes, and the flowers lining the walks are just beautiful.

    It looks like a great place to spend time with friends or family just enjoying the sights and the day. I love people watching.

  3. Hi Nihal!
    It is so good to hear from you! Thank you for entering my blog's give away.
    I'm putting your blog on my blogroll so I'll remember to visit you often. I find your blog so interesting. Some day I'll do a fashion post form NYC ...thanks for the idea!
    Pat in NY

  4. Hi Nihal! Sorry for having taken so long to get back here again. Another hectic week…
    This blog is getting better everyday. Great post: lovely pictures, interesting text and a whole new world to discover - Bagdat Caddesi! Just wish you'll be able to keep it that way...
    Also loved to read the Pauline Year and Remember me posts!
    And what can I say of the pictures of the Bazaar? Stunning...
    Finally, thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, still in Santiago de Compostela, now inside the Cathedral… Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

  5. hello sweet girl!
    thank you for taking me along a walk on chic bagdat avenue, buying some fresh flowers and having a turkisj coffee on a terrasse!

    had some difficulties with internet lately but i'll try to do my best again during the weekend ;))

  6. Nihal!

    Fantastic post, I was wanting to do a similar post but you beat me to it.

    The problem is between my office and home, ther's nothing interesting to blog, unless I go to KL, which I avoid due to the jam.


  7. I love my promenade with you on the asian side ! Istanbul is definitely the place to be

  8. Hi Nihal,
    Thanks for taking me on the fashion tour. It was such fun. My fav? The woman in the silver jacket and jeans!

    Have a nice day tomorrow!