Sunday, June 01, 2008



Jogging along the way from beach to my home last
day, I noticed a tiny little lovely daisy blinking to me as if trying to show itself how growing among a few rocks alongside the road. My headphones on, listening '4-minutes' from my faves duo Madonna&Justine -Oh hands up! Say I'm recently getting crazy about her newest album!, and I saw that little daisy but I really did not see it. A whisper said me like this ''Hey Nihal, look at it. There's something here. Something worth to think.... do stop, and think how can a flower grow up in place like this chaotic, traffic, noise, dust..?''

Arrived to home. I was quite busy with my daily routines. And result? I often found myself in mode of thinking! I could not stop myself thinking about that tiny little daisy the rest of my day. Because it made me realize a few things.

Life continues in unexpected places. Beauty can be found anywhere. Technology helps us having an enjoyable life but it can also keep us from hearing the whispers that are so important for our own personal advancement and growth. The whispers are always there, if we could become capable of hearing them... Sadly we are not always listening until we choose to. At that moment we see things through our fresh eyes:)

If you ask me, I'm mostly listening. Honestly I am a good listener, little or big, important or not, I do never mind. Listening the people. Listening YOUR SAY here. Listening my family. Listening to a little child. Listening the voice inside of me. Listening my neighbors. And, listening my friends in real life:)

The whispers are always there, waiting for us to notice them. But only if we're open to turning up our own volume down, even if only for a brief moment in time:)


  1. whispers are all around us and as you wrote we only need to listen to see and slowing down the volume of every day's hectic life is the best way to succeed!

  2. Nihal, this is such a lovely post. I so agree that there is beauty all around us. All we need to do is recognize all of the beauty and all of our blessings.

    If we could all just stop to think, to look, to savor all that we are given. I believe that people are looking for a spiritual connection, and I think we truly have that.

    Hopefully by our voices sharing our experiences of peace we will spread the desire for peace to all.

  3. Dearest Nihal...another wonderful reading, and listening to Madonna and Justin,you're one cool babe :)

    Yes, we hear whispers all the times, sometimes...not so good ones, but mostly good ones. I like very much the walk on the beach part...reminds me I desperately for a need to go to the beach. Is this where you live, near the beach? If yes, I am so envious of you. Always love the beach, the calm wind blowing, the feel of sand in the feet...takes away all the tension in the body and mind.

    You should be a writter Nihal.

    Lots of love to you and big teddy bear HUG!!

  4. Is that you on that pic???? Yes, certainly, there is beauty all around us..... and YOU are included... :)



  5. Yes, whispers are all around us if we can quiet the noise of the world long enough to hear--thanks for the reminder.

  6. @ Cielo: No, that's not me on the pic, but I'm almost close to her. It's the reason why I put that pic:)

    @ Faye: Welcome to CrossRoads:) Pleased that you visited my page, and thank you for your kind comment. Looking forward to your future visits, miles of Smiles:)