Saturday, August 09, 2008


  • Has a soul
  • The shyest and the boldest
  • The inside of a seashell
  • Looks more refreshing and sweet
  • Flirtatious and romantic
  • Means grace and gentility
Has anyone a guess which color I talk about?

If at all there is a color that I would cherish then it should be Pink: a puff of cotton candy at a summer fair, who does not love it? Simdi canim istedi gercekten;)

Some might quote Pink (Turkish: Pembe) as a girlish color, however I call it a womanish. Because I can feel some motherhood in this color, look:
A baby's ear. The nose of a kitten. Her first dress. Her best doll. Her tiny pink socks. Her cute little pink watch...

Not just for women. Every man has some % of feminine quality, some % of motherhood and this reflects that. So this special color has been turned into a symbol of pride and memory, and we finally have chance to indulge in pink. Taking a new role in our lives, now men and women are wearing pink in their wardrobe.
And, I love men wearing pink! I believe that we all love pink:) Oh what a wonderful world...

G├╝lben Ergen A famous Turkish singer and occasional actress. 36 y.o. Happily married, and mom to two-year-old son. Acted in films and on television. She was named Miss Cinema 1987. Her most famous role is probably that of Melek in Dadi, the Turkish version of Nanny, and quite a while I was addicted to it. During her career, released six albums, that's all successful, and became a top singer. She also has been known for humanity, and this increases her popularity between people greatly.

Photos come from her live performance early this spring
at Kurucesme Arena - Istanbul. It was a carnival-like concert. Wearing a bright pink costume with interesting hair-style, she was looking gorgeous, I liked very much. She was singing one of her most-loved songs: Ask Hic Bitmez (English: Love Never Ends)

YES, Love never ends. Because:

God gave us Love
and we gave it one color
It is the color of Love
it is the color of life.

Pink travel recently started in N. Carolina. Consequently, it arrived in my hometown. In other words, Pink Istanbul today. Happy me, Happy Istanbul:)

Many pink-lovers spread a message of hope and love at the same time while humility and humanity also make the journey meaningful and fulfilling.

Every saturday. Free of charge participation. Don't hesitate to visit other Pink Babies at How Sweet The Sound.

Today it's a great day to be pretty in pink.

My special note:
* This post dedicated to a wonderful friend whom I love, Beverly, promoter for the occasion *


  1. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Nihal.

    I love your post today because I agree that pink is a color and symbol of love. I think it represent hope and friendship, and it makes people smile. Those are important things for us all to share.

    And, the men in my life look fabulous in pink.

  2. I love your pink post today. I have never heard of the actress/singer before. She looks fabulous in pink. That was a nice dedication to my friend of 38 years, Beverly. Smile!


  3. Hi Nihal,

    Love your post and agree that men look great in pink too. Have a wonderful day!

    Best, Pennie

  4. What an amazing looking costume. I'm off to visit your friend and look at other Pink Saturday entries.


  5. Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's my first Pink Saturday too.

  6. I truly enjoyed your insights on the deeper meaning of the color! My first Pink Saturday, this is so fun and a fabulous idea from Beverly! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Hi Nihal!!
    what a nice post!!
    Y agree with you that pink is womanish!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Are you from Istanbul or live there temporary?
    Besitos from Argentina!!!


  8. Welcome to Pink Saturday...Love that color HOT Pink....I agree that pink is for Tooooo.
    Loved your post.
    Mo :-)

  9. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Really a cool pink post, loved it!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  10. karin@creativechaos8/09/2008 7:23 PM

    What a great post!!! Welcome to your first Pink Saturday!

  11. Nihal, I love your blog!! Thanks for joining Pink Saturday! I rally love "the shyest and the boldest" - how true!

    Your blog is fascinating. I'm definitely going to visit.

    Love the pictures of Gulben Ergen - I'm off to google her and see more!

  12. Welcome to pink Saturday. Your post was so poetic. I agree. I think men look very nice when they wear pink.

    Happy Pink Saturday,

    Take care,

  13. Beautiful post on the meaning of 'pink'!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  14. Pembe > Pink > Barbie :))) bu renk bana Barbie bebeklerini cagristiriyor nedense :D
    ayrica Londra'da gordugum pembe limuzini icindeki Pink'i de hatirlatiyor :)
    Son soz bizden olsun:
    "Pembe Gonlum Sende"

  15. Pink is universal. Makes you feel so good. I love my hubby in a pink shirt. Hope you have a wonderful pink day. So nice to talk around the world and know that we all have things in common.

  16. I was tickled pink to have you visit my pink post today. Yours is lovely and a wonderful tribute to the color pink and to our fabulous hostess....Beverly. ~

  17. I loved everything you said about the color Pink and all so true.
    Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  18. Hi Nihal,
    Welcome to pink Saturday. I haven't heard of the singer/actress either. I am glad I learned something today!

    Thanks for visiting me...and for your sweet comments.

  19. Thank you for a most interesting Pink Saturday post! Nice to meet you.

  20. Hello Nihal, welcome to your first Pink Saturday! I love that post, so pink! Thanks also for visiting me!
    Love Ann

  21. HI Nihal,
    What a fun pink post and to post it from Istanbul...I have always wanted to visit Turkey. It looks like such a magical place filled with so much history. You are so lucky. Have a wonderful pink Saturday.
    Cori G.

  22. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Pink is indeed a wonderful color full of deep meaning. Howdy from Kansas!

  23. I'm so glad I joined you for Pink Saturday event. It was so much fun to see what everyone comes up with that's pink, and also meeting new friends in pinkness:
    :: Jeanne, Pennie, Lochlanina, Katie, Silvia, Mo, Gabriela, Karin, G, Dawn, Melissa, Judy, Lynn, Donna, Diane, Joy, Ann, Cori and Susan ::

    THANK YOU so much for stopping by and cheering me up with your very kind comments. All in all, it was a positively lovely pink weekend, my home still smells so nice like Pink Roses:)

    Let me see your questions now:

    @ Jeanne - Diane: Possibile if you've never heard of Gulben Ergen till now. I should underline that she's famous actress/singer in this country. Not yet globally known one. I have no idea why she's waiting for a challenge...

    @ Silvia: Nobody knows what future brings into my life. For today, YES, I live in Istanbul, my hometown:) YES, born and raised here. Muchos saludos y besos:)

    @ Bengi: Hersey aklima gelmisti bu article yazarken, ama barbie dolls nasil da unutmusum:) Pink mi? Bunu soylememistin onceden bana, hrrrr;) Londra'da herhangi bir unluye denk geldigimi hic hatirlamiyorum, ilgi alanlarimiz ne kadar da farkli, sen unluleri ben de etraf ve tarihi... Hey, son 'pembe' soz hosuma gitti, kimde bakiim gonlun senin (dermisim;)

    @ Cori: So true. Better late than never, and welcome to visit Istanbul / Turkey because a real crossroads of many civilizations and where West meet East. It's more than I can write / talk here on my poor(!) blog;)

  24. Hi Nihal and it's so nice to meet you. Welcome to Pink Saturday! You're going to love this. Dont' we just love PINK!? The color just makes me smile. Thank so for coming to see my pink plate rims.
    Have a beautiful day and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. What a wonderful post. I also feel that pink is a color of hope. Thank for sharing "reflections of pink".
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  26. @ Shelia: Pleased to see you at CrossRoads, welcome:) Thanks for your lovely note.

    @ Rechelle: Thank you for sharing your pink love with a nice comment leaving here. My warm welcome and all of my best.