Monday, August 11, 2008

Never A Good War, or A Bad Peace

Catching up on the day's news earlier this morning

Aug 9th, Saturday: The conflict between Russia and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia moved forward full-scale war.

Aug 10th, Sunday:
Russian troops took most of the capital of the Georgian region of South Ossetia, and hundreds die. Very dangerous and disproportionate. Why not respect Georgia's territorial integrity?

We were sitting in our cozy rooms, and it was what happening.

Latest for today: This morning I start to reading papers. I'm hopeful because it is a new day. I'm excited. Above. But front page of our local paper is full of several war images, and troops. Nothing changed!
It says that Georgia sued for PEACE with Russia, but Moscow showed a little sign of ending its military campaign over South Ossetia despite international condemnation of its actions. It made me terribly, terribly sad... Why war instead of developing neighborhood relations, and further improve peace?

Clap your hands,
Raise your hopes,
and Pray

.... off to a World PEACE!


  1. I know, I know! I am so saddened by this. Why can't we all just get along. I'm praying, too.

    I have a very special award for you. Please stop by my post for today to receive it.

  2. I too am disturbed by Russia and the aggression against Georgia. Our world must have peace, but how! is the question?

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my posts. It is nice to make a new friend.

    I have an award for you, come by and check it out. Smile.

    Take care, Jeanne

  3. This has been in the news here too and is very disturbing. There is so much about politics I don't understand.


  4. Merhaba Nihal
    Tks for popping over, really had so much fun reading your comments...esp on the Germans hehehe..

    The kiddies are all fine, currently going through their mid year exams, and before long, Eid will be round the corner. Does Turkey celebrate Eid? It's the biggest celebration here with 65% Muslims, and its the time we take our longest break - 10 days for Eid, going back to my hubby's place to the village, very laid back and easy going.

    I had 2 mixed feeling last weekend. A happy one when I watched the Olympics opening, it was spectacular! and was really sad and unhappy over the Russia-Georgia war! I dont really care about the politics, all I know that there will be many innocent to be sacrificed.

    it is so sad Nihal, millions of years have passed, the we are still back to same animal instinct..maybe it's the animals that have evolved.

    You have a blessed week ahead and I do hope you'll get my Kuching postcard.

    Much love and big hugs to you Nihal :D

  5. @ Kate: Everyone's now shocked that some of the footage of a supposedly live event was in fact completely artificial, did you know? Another one, China banned child singer with crooked teeth from singing at openening ceremony!
    So, is there anything that is still real about the Olympics? For example, gold medals?

    I seriously DO NOT like this kinda 'faking' stuff. Ungrateful!