Friday, August 22, 2008

How To Make Meaning

I like his down to earth mentality, the way he makes things ''simple'' and promotes the ''just have the fun'' attitude.

Clipping from Hürriyet, dd Aug 21 '08

Previously, Guy Kawasaki was an Apple fellow at Apple Computer Inc., CEO of ACIUS and founder of Fog City Software. Today he is CEO of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Guy encourages entrepreneurs to make meaning, making mantra, and get going. According to him, some examples of making ''meaning'' are:
  • Make the world a better place,
  • Increase the quality of life,
  • Right a terrible wrong, and
  • Prevent the end of something good.
His most recent venture is launching Truemors, a site dedicated to the free-flow of interesting & true rumors to encourage everyday people, very nice indeed! If you haven't heard yet, bookmark it.

Guy is also well known blogger. His popular blog is a kind of 'killing me' one, and listed on the Technorati 100. Like me, you can appreciate him, and easily see how he's a driven person, and he wants every entry to change people's lives; start reading Guy's How To Change The World

As enthusiastic promoter and marketer, Guy is the author of eight books including The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way.

I will have the privilege of attending a presentation by Guy Kawasaki, that will be held on Oct 22-23, 2008 at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Center.

Hey guys, I told you he is one amazing guy:)

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  1. How wonderful that he uses his spirit to promote good. I will follow your link. He sounds captivating.