Thursday, August 21, 2008

Without A Touch

You have done it by yourself.

Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all.

To everyone who sent me their best wishes -each one was heartfelt, and very much appreciated! Thank you! In this changing world, it's so nice to know that social network impacts on my Birthday. As you can imagine, my birthday was so much fun that I did NOT want it to end. Oh, and all of the world's problems are solved;)


  1. Hey Nihal,
    Dont just say thanks, send over a slice of that cake!! haha..

    I met my husband, and I am happy
    I had my children, and I am complete
    I had my friends, esp the blog friends across the world, and I fulfilled

    That's what friends are for, and I think I connected with more friends that I have never seen than I know for years here.

    Here's to a long friendship and on meeting one day, pick a beach, yours or mine haha..

    lots of love and hugs always..

  2. @ Kate: Oh dear..., I know it's insufficient to express my thanks this way posting an article w/a picture of my bday cake. However all you know very well that I'm at CrossRoads, and waiting for your cheering up my day one day:)
    Wonderful comment Kate, remember I'm impatient one for meeting you and your kids one day here in the heart of Istanbul! Do organize all what's necessary, come on...tired of waiting!

  3. Dear beautiful Nihal, thanks for running away with me for a while to the galaxies, that place, imaginary or not, where we feel safe, and at peace... and thanks for your warm wishes and concerns. I've found true friendship among my blogging friends, and I love you all.

    Ps: Happy belated birthday and many blessings going your way.

    Love you,


  4. Of course we love you, and wish many happy birthdays to come.