Tuesday, August 19, 2008

En Plein Air

- An Unconditional Love Story -

Bleu c'est tout!

The greens are greener; the Blues, bluer

The beauty of a woman can parallel the beauty of the sea?

It is the sea that made me thinking secretly about a woman's nature more than anything else when I was swimming in the deep blue waters of the ..... sea.

A man locked up in a steel ship all the time, then the sea is too much like a woman to him. Things like her storms, her caprice, or her beauty reflecting the setting sun, are all obvious.

Likely, a man in a ship that mounts the sea. Nature surrounds him with all of those elements so like a woman; with her warm and living body.

In my opinion, the beauty of a woman is really parallel the beauty of the sea, so there might be a love worth to dying for, or a love that consumes you.

Now let's see what makes a woman beautiful? What makes her shine?

I wanna fly like an eagle to her...

True beauty of a woman is that
she is able to adapt to any environment easily,
like doing regardless of
what others think of her.

Be mine, be mine!
No blue without white, no sea without yacht.

Just because little girls have big dreams;)

Steal this look!
She is...

Quiet. Happy. Emotional.

Worth to explore her.
Like a great woman full of
core qualities of inspiration.
So much. So close.

Oh glory, glory...

Stirs my soul

Happy, fulfilled I am.
She is

'my Truly Aegean'

Turkey's Aegean coast (Turkish: Ege) with its long, warm summers and short, mild winters boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes. From Marmaris in the south to the opening of the Dardanelles at Canakkale, spectacular natural and man-made wonders, secluded beaches, idylic fishing harbours, and an easy introduction to the fascinating culture from over 5,000 yrs of history make the Aegean coast a place that you'll want to return again and again, as I stated before.

And, I made this article with pass!on.


  1. Ah Nihal..the ever talented and creative Nihal. I love this post, you make it dreamy, romantic and full of passion too, just you like you, beautiful and passionate about everything you do. I can feel it, am I correct?

    The pictures are absolutely fantastic, and oh..how I want to go there, jump into that blue see and feel myself floating..but maybe with an umbrella as I am scared of intense sunshine.

    Much love and hugs to you my good friend, you make us keep dreaming..and that is good :D

  2. I'm just coming back to your blog ! And I love this post , it is so YOU !!!

  3. Hi Nihal!!!
    I love your description of the parallel between the beauty of a woman and the beauty of the sea!!
    I agree completely with you!!

    Y love the sea, in fact I love nature..I feel myself part of it..
    And I need to be in contact permanently with water, smell the nature, touch it, feel it into me..

    Thanks for your visit!!
    Muchos cariños!

  4. Carissima Nihal,

    This post was so beautiful and poetic!
    The Aegean Sea is so blue and clear and I do see how it could feel and act the same as a passionate woman.

    Un abbraccio forte forte!

  5. è sempre un piacere ammirare le tue foto........
    baci bea

  6. @ Kate: It's August, and gets me fired up naturally. Your analysis about me is 3down 5up correct, my God.. am I talking too much, lol:)

  7. I totally agree with the likeness. I think the relationship between a man and a woman is truly poetry. God created the two to dance together. Everything is there to complete a perfect circle.

    I have this verse on the table next to our bed. It was given to me when we married.

    If man were made perfect,
    complete as can be.
    Then God would have never
    created the she.

    For man is the trunk,
    the branch and the root,
    While woman is the blossom,
    the leaf and the fruit.