Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Knowing The Terrain

Pros: Picturesque small town by the sea
Tell me if you find any

In A Nutshell:
Sea, sand, history, delicious fresh fis
h, olive oil, old stonehouses... I love it there!

Traces. Me. Municipality emblem. Golden liquid

Rules are to demolish? Sure not, but sometimes it can be;)

Personally it's my principle not to go any place for the second time, if it is intended for pleasure/travel/even vacation 'cuz I'm the one who always loves to explore new places and different things. However there are some places on earth that forces us to break our rules and pushes to go again. Maybe it happens to you as well. So I ignored my own rule for a wonderful small town, as its undiscussible charm all of it's own was recalling me... Then I was on the road for my second rendez-vous to meet Her, oh-la-laaa...

It's an attractive port surrounded by pine forests, surrounded by groves of olive trees which produce much of Turkey's best olive oil, delicious seafood restaurants by the sea, nice beaches, ferries daily run to the Greek Island of Lesvos (Greek: Mytileni), lots of small islands, and a great place for those who want to escape the crowds and soak up the authentic atmosphere with.


There are many Greek houses, narrow streets, still alive old churches and small pretty nice chapels, clean -deep blue- rich underwater for scubadivers, evergreen trees and parks around it makes the town worth to seeing, seeing and seeing again.

I was vacationing in...


The best seaside resort on the north Aegean coast.



I HEART ceramics! Fabulous pieces and richness in patterns...

Cool ride! Exploring spectacular wonders in the Aegean

Look no further;)
A puuurfect flower arrangement to show your love to outside:)

I love this way flower baskets...

(Formerly) Orthodox Church, Agios Yannis
Converted to Mosque in 1928, renamed 'Saatli Cami'

History It was alternatively called 'Kidonies' by the town's formerly important Greek population although use of the name today's is 'Ayvalik' ( English: Quince Orchard, Greek: Αϊβαλί, pop. 30,000) was widespread since centuries for both Turks and Greeks.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman Greeks of Ayvalik moved to Greece, and Turkish citizens of Greece moved to Ayvalik. My grandparents were also in the exchange years and years ago. Thus, even after the Greeks left, you can still hear Greek spoken in the streets of Ayvalik as well as surroundings.

Visiting to Ayvalik is like stepping into the past yet with your feet still firmly in the modern day present. Because it's one of the exceptional residences which has protected its historical feature until today: Orthodox churches and monasteries, mosques, fountains, windmills, historically registered buildings, cobble streets, surprising squares.

Architecture It has more the aspect of a Greek rather than a Turkish village: winding streets wooden houses. Oh my... I adore those treasures, and it's my dream to have an old Greek house one day...!

Islands & Boat Trips Ayvalik Bay includes 22 islands. There is no residence except Cunda and Lale islands. The highlight of a visit to Ayvalik is to take a boat trip around the many little bays and islands, either for waterside restaurants or tavernas. There are half a dozen boats, all cheerfully, from the larger pirate boats down to smaller family owned ones. The boats stop off at islands for those who like to explore and moor up in pretty bays for swimming. A delicious lunch of fresh fried sardines, bread, salad and fruits are in the servings as plentiful as your stomach can take. Tourists take those trips in the city centrum.

It is especially enjoyable in the evening where you can sit and watch the stunning sunsets over the islands casting a myriad of coloured shadows over the lake like sea. Ohh Santa Maria... unbelievably romantic sunset that I was about to loose my mind;) As it's hard to pour into words I think my photos will speak better than me. More to come along with my next article if you are interested in seeing the fascinating simplicity.

Beaches Main beach of Ayvalik is at 8km from the city center, known as Sarimsakli. One of the most beautiful beaches with golden sand and clean calm sea is where I was swimming! More to come later. Stopping at Seytan Sofrasi (English: Devil's Table), a nice hill from where one has a marvelous view on Ayvalik and its bay with countless islands, especially at sunset...

Ohh.. tell me how adorable, no?
Multicultural traces in every inch of the town, blue and white...

The oldest shop in the town.
Very nice imported items from Crete.

I made some shopping inside,
and unexpectedly interesting long chat
to the shop owner, a Cretan, I missed her...

Locals in the town
My passion for summer hats...

Peace and harmony can not be seperated

A breakfast without olives? I think it's impossible for me:)
Many shops and open markets selling products made from the olive.
Jams, purees, pickles, olives stuffed with almonds or peppers,
colorful olives from green, yellow to dark red and black,
olives small and big sized, ...
and of course, golden liquid: the bestest of Virgin olive oil.

:: Last word ::

The gentle rhythm of life in Ayvalik soothes
the soul and rejuvenates the spirits.


  1. It looks and sounds exquisite. You always show us such beautiful places, and I love learning so much about the area and the history.

  2. Merhaba Nihal :)

    Welcome back!! I popped over and just to check if you are back! What a beautiful surprise,everything is kinda blue here..love the sky and the ocean and still wanting to unwind in the beach with the kiddies. i went for a break too, well..a different kind anyway.

    As usual, awesomes pictures and so glad you are back in blog-land, i was wondering if any handsome admirer had kidnapped you!!

    lots of love and BIG HUGS ALWAYS :)

  3. As always I love your posts with the wonderful photo's and great history.

    Being a "foodie" I was drawn to the picture of the olives. Such variety! I'd love to sample each one.


  4. Dearest Nihal, I was so happy to see you back… I was worry about you because of the sad events that took place in your country a few weeks ago. When I heard the news of the bombing, I immediately thought about you and your family… what a horrific act. I’m so glad you are back home, and safe.

    May God bless you, and yours…

  5. Hi Nihal! So, you're back (looking great) and don't drop a line... ;))
    OK, fully agree with the idea of keeping the whole month in blue; even the whole year... ;))
    Now Ayvalik; you gave me an idea for my annual seven days of holidays: getting to Lesvos and visit Ayvalik with the daily ferry... ;)) OK, I know you think I should do the other way round, but connections may be easier this way!!!
    Loved to see the pictures. Great reportage!
    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter, now at the second and last post on MoMA, waits for your comments! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week, after a gorgeous holiday!

  6. Welcome back ! What a beautiful pictures. I ate a lot of olives in France and brought also some home. I love them.

  7. WELCOME BACK Nihal!

    Your vacation spot looks wonderful! I heart ceramics and olives too! :-)

    Thank you for your kind and sweet commnets to me on my blog. I was so happy to give that award to you.

    I enjoyed the Plato quote very much and wrote it down in my journal.

    Hugs, Pat

  8. Hello Nihal! I am like you - I try not to visit a place more than once because I would like to explore the rest of the world. However, there are places we can make exceptions to. The photos are lovely and I am sure you had a wonderful time.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Enjoy the weekend!


  9. Oh, Nihal, Now i have to explore everything you've written. Your blog is fabulous!! thank you.

  10. oh again a lovely turkish seaside! and i love those 'laleh' plates conncecting both our countries ;)
    and how i love your image nihal!!
    would love to see a close up though ;))

    have a great sunday my dear!!

  11. @ Kate: My Merhaba for you, sweetie:) If honestly talk, it was a bit unwillingly come back for me. Leave there my 4S (sun-sea-sand-seashell) and back to city life, sigh...
    You're so funny Kate, if any handsome admirer had kidnapped me? Hahahaa...:)
    In safe and secure, I spent my time in positive 'n peaceful atmosphere, nothing really, + an int'l place + ppl mostly from central Europe like Germany, NL, Macedonia, Sirbia etc..:)

    @ Darla: A good surprise might be on your way, you know how;)

    @ Cielo: I appreciate your sensitivity. As far as terror, unfortunately there's no specific address. May God save all of us, and lets spread love and peace.

    @ Gil: Bonjour:) Getting to Lesvos (Turkish: Midilli) and visit Ayvalik with the daily ferry, absolutely YES.

    @ G: Warm welcome for you:) Tks for your kind comment. Would be pleased to see your visit again.

    @ Marita: Chérie, how nice to hear back from you:) Yes, so true, 'lale' plates are the unique connection btw you and us, that's to show off passion and elegance in our cultures. Love to read your Turkish language, apprently it sounds like baby-steps but guarantees to keep a moving forward:)