Sunday, August 03, 2008

True Blue Now

As CrossRoads, this month I fixed my path by taking up references from places and subjects all related in blue:)

Having a distringuished style and concept with its design reminding a holiday beach, True Blue ''City Beach'' is one of my top favorite places in my home zone, Asian part of the City. I can not stop myself recalling it as 'Live Blue in Elegance'.

Late evening, True Blue - Fenerbahce, Istanbul

True Blue providing a seaside pleasure with its large seating section, bar and cabanas, also attracts attention with its innovations carried out in kitchen and menus. In addition to being sophisticated and luxurious, True Blue is quite warm and inviting place as it's successfully created design to increase communication. Yesterday we enjoyed our afternoon having cheery conversations with our healthy snacks and cold beverages. I love these kind of communicative places very much, and become easily addicted to things like it!

And, we came across an interesting subject; searching her soul for a fashion photographing in the beauty of True Blue. Unavoidably I was working there as an excentrique fashion-photographer;) Here are a few snapshots:

Is fashion on the side of permanence or
on the side of temporality?

Actually, the most powerful aspect of fashion is that it determines the trend of the present day. What matter most today is to consume resources consciously without giving any damage to the environment. On the other hand, I'm curious if it is going to be a pioneer once again as fashion is capable of creating habits?


  1. :))) cok keyifli bir yer,ozellikle aksamlari...! Herkese tavsiye ederim.

  2. @ Bengi: Tesekkurler biricik:) Ancak senin tavsiyenden once, benim burda millete turkce dilini ogretmeye baslamam lazim, diimi;) Yoksa tavsiyeni nasil anlayacaklar:)

  3. I agree we need to take every opportunity to move toward conservation. If we can make a move in that direction via fasion, I'm all for it.