Friday, August 01, 2008

Lost in Love

Maybe it is the...

warm gentle summer breeze,
the blazing sun,
the refreshing summer water...

Perhaps it's the summer vacation;)

Whatever the cause, we know that LoVe mostly blossoms in the summer:)

And, isn't it those marriages to be done mostly during the summer more than in any other season of the year?!

Not only me, I'm sure we have often wondered why: Why all this summer love? Needless to say, summer has always been considered to be the most romantic of the four seasons:)

When I was a child, I always marveled at the bountiful harvest my grandparents were capable of bringing forth in the fall of the year. The wheat was beautiful and golden. The corn was nearly ten-feet high. The crops they planted and harvested in the rich bottom lands were simply amazing! But why, that I was often asking? What's so special about this place? Before too long, I learned the answer: crops planted in the spring, and nourished by the rains grew to giant proportions in the rich soil along the river. By the end of summer, the crops grew tall, they grew quite healthy, they were ripe for the harvest.

So my endless love for summer shares all of these characteristics as told above in a story from my past. Love springs eternal in the spring, and is nourished by the rain. But always remember, it grows under the warm sun of summer! I can easily say that summer is the season of love as harvesting ''the loveliest flowers of the soul'':)

When I think of life is fragile... life is uncertain... life is not forever... Why NOT love? Then LOVE TODAY. In love and life, there's nothing more important than having someone to love, and someone who loves you. In short, there's nothing more important than only love and peace. And, You, do not afraid of writing ''Story of my life'' in this summer:) Maybe you did, who knows...

My Lovely Memories. Simplicity. Sustainability.

Ah, the summer -I am loving so much. I am loving summer sunshine. If you ask me, LoVe can be felt in every corner of the world during the warm summer months. I was in ''dream . plan . do'' to flirting with my Sun. Voilà, finally, a bit hardly, I'm safely back to home from the sunny Aegean coast:) It was pure bliss, because:

My roadtrip till N-point in the map above- relaxing.
The skies-
endless blue, smooth, clear.
The beach-
My memory card-
My smile- WIDE:)

As you can imagine, my vacation was dreamy to say the least, and have so much to spill about.

~ I love the sight of: standing the time.
~ I love the the smell of: beautiful flora.
~ I love the feel of: lazing in the shade.

Until I present to you the details from my vacation, and such wonders to show & tell, go be in love. LoVe well. There's nothing like it!

''The most precious gift we can offer others is
our presence.
When mindfulness embraces those we love,
they will bloom like flowers.''

Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk,
teacher, author, poet and peace activist


  1. An ''amazing'' return Kingly Lion:-) You are so right about love and to be loved that is to feel the sun from both sides.

    Welcome back again, Sista. Shine, sparkle with your news, impatiently waiting...


  2. Welcome back, Nihal. I did miss you, but I was satisfied thinking of the wonderful days and nights you were spending during your getaway.

    Love. It is such a simple word, but it fills the spirit in a way that nothing else comes near.

    I am blessed with so much love in my life. It sustains me. I wish that all could be so blessed.

  3. Ciao carissima , se passi nel mio blog cè una sorpresa per te!!!!!!!
    Baci bea

  4. Happy that you are back and am looking forward to hearing more about your vacation.

    Love is what life is about and you reminded me of that,


  5. Well come back NIhal!
    So nice to find you and a wonderful mood.
    I'm looking forward for your posts.
    Hugs, Sma

  6. @ Teena: Well it's that time of year again. Started blogging on Aug 1st, 2007, making it one year old by today. However this is nothing..

    What the most important is that someone very kind enough 'You' showed a thoughtful action leaving a nice note to celebrate my day, WoW!

    As a result, the blogging girl is so BIG Smiling and Happiest one:) Here's a bunch of THANKS to you.

    Btw, things have been quite busy upon my return from the vacation and no time I found for a Blogiversary Party with ballons and maybe some gifts -as I liked. Hope for the next year, on my 2nd..

    @ Bea: Carissima, sono molto felice, ho ricevuto il mio premio da te, e un primo tempo dalla Italia:) Ringrazio tantissimo a te.

    Sai qualche giorni fa sono ritornato a casa. Ho fatto una bella vacanza al mare, sono contento che ho nuotato come pesce. Io sono stato qualche settimane a un posto si chiama Ayvalik. Questa zona e' molto bella, ci sono tanti turisti, che sono case tipiche di Greci, il clima e' buonissima.. e si mangia benissimo... Veramente un viaggio da consigliare.

    Spero che anche tu hai avuto un vacanza bella. Ci sentiamo presto, con affetto. CiaCiao.

  7. after missing you, here you are back again, telling stories about your childhood and grandparent's golden summer harvest. bless!
    happy memories of your precious past!

    summer loves will come and go, summer seasons are always here to stay and enjoy!!