Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Abundant Harvest

Today I'm having a little CrossRoads Oscar Moment here:)

I received 7 awards
for my page with really nice comments came with them, only in 2 and half months; 1 in July, 5 in August and 1 in early September.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks all who have seen fit to bestow these awards as well as their visits to my page and their friendly words and always positive ideas.

With considerable pride I exhibit my Awards and invite everyone to visit their blogs, see what they had to say about CrossRoads:

Brillante Weblog Premio Award

Good Morning! I have something for you on my blog... come get it! Happy Day:) Hugs

Cielo, 10 Sep 2008 - visit

Must See Blog Award

I pass this award on to Nihal of Turkey at CrossRoads. Please come by to pick it up when you have a chance. They are all fascinating blogs written
by fascinating women.

EXCERPT ''Blogs and blogging has certainly made the world smaller and more intimate place and has enabled us to share thoughts, ideas and our lives with each other. I hope we can continue to do as Gandhi once so wisely advised: ''We must be the change we wish to see in the world.'' Please spread peace and kindness to all you meet today and do small things with great love.''

Pat, 18 Aug 2008 - visit

Blogging Friends Forever Award

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my posts. It is nice to make a new friend. I have an award for you, come by and check it out. Smile. Take care.

Designed and given by Jan and Tom at Jan and Tom's Place, it is personally very meaningful to me. I could name so many, but I can only name five. This is very hard, here are my choices...''

Jeanne, 11 Aug 2008 - visit

Wylde Women Award

I have a very special award for you. Please stop by my post for today to receive it.

I adore this lady. She has shown me and educated me on a part of the world that I knew very little of -a city that is on two continents. I am alw
ays enthralled with her interpretations through her intellect and her eye for all that is lovely.

EXCERPT ''This is beautiful award of Women, Art, Life: Weaving it All Together. Artist, Tammy Vitale created this whimsical celebration of sisterhood and expression. Purpose of the award is to send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things, and live their lives fully with generosity and joy. Tammy would love to see this travel around the world!

I have an impossible time choosing who share awards with, and I always choose to share them with all of my readers. This time due to Tammy desire that this award travel around the world, I am going to choose three readers that have fantastic blogs and live in countries other than my own. Each one takes the time to show us around their country, and they provide u
s insight into their environment and lifestyle.''

Beverly, 11 Aug 2008 - visit

Excellent Blog Award

The followings are blogs I want to give the ''E'' award to: CrossRoads.

Sincerae, 8 Aug 2008 - visit

The Arte y Pico Award

Ciao carissima, se passi nel mio blog c'é una sorpresa per te!!! Baci, Bea.

EXCERPT ''Voglio dedicare a tutte le blogghine che vivacizzano con la loro creatività, il mondo di internet... GRAZIE INFINITE! Chiedo scusa a chi non è stata nominata ma non per questo non ammiro e continuo a frugare nei loro bellissimi blog. Complimenti a tutte!!!!''

Beatrice, 2 Aug 2008 - visit

Hi Nihal! I know you are on vacation but I just had to tell you that I have an Arte y Pico Award on my blog today for you! Congratulations! I do enjoy your blog very much!

EXCERPT ''I choose the following blogs that always have the most interesting posts which have taught me so much lately, and who have also enchanced my day with their warm friendship.''

Pat, 8 Jul 2008 - visit

I now offer my Awards for unique pages and contributions to the internet:

Brillante Weblog Premio Award goes to
Kari&Kijsa in USA:
Outstanding apperance! For their elegant and skillful presentation of unique content ensures their status as a creative visionary.

Must See Blog Award goes to Monica in USA:
Her site meets all of art qualifications that makes for a great site. Excellent, very well designed in both the layout and its content, easy navigation.

Blogging Friends Forever Award goes to Darla in USA:
Her effort to improve the wonder of the hobby land is clearly reflected on each post. Please continue to move ahead with your talents.

Wylde Women Award goes to Tara in France:
Offers integrity and superb information with a unique style, wit and wisdom.

Excellent Blog Award goes to
Linda in Italy:
Always impressive by all the hard works she has put into her page. Excellence for the originality.

The Arte y Pico Award goes to
Heidi in USA:
Her effort and dedication shine throughout her site with her artistic appeal and creative merit. She is truly making the www a much better and nicer place for us all to visit.


  1. What an honor to be given this award! Thank you so much for recognizing me.

  2. Dear Nihal,

    First, congratulations on your many well-deserved awards and recognition! Keep up the good work!

    And thank you so much for honouring my blog with the Wylde Women Award. I am touched by your thoughtfulness and your encouraging words. Merci bien!


  3. I'm sending a very big Congratulations to you on receiving all of these prestigious awards. Well done!

  4. Nihal, congratulations on your awards, you deserve each and every one.

    Thank you for passing the Blogging Friends Forever award on to me. I do enjoy sharing my creations.


  5. Ciao Nihal,
    complimenti per tutti i premi che hai ricevuto e che ti sei meritata poichè tu sai mettere insieme benissimo reportage di diversi argomenti e poi le foto sono eccezionali.
    Sono felicissima di essere stata premiata da te e ti mando un grosso bacio e un forte abbraccio.
    ciao ciao

  6. Congratulations on all your wonderful and well-deserved awards!!

    Thank you so much for the honor! Your gracious comments made our day, and we are thrilled to be included among such fabulous company! Thank you so much!!

    kari & kijsaq

  7. Congratulations to you on receiving al those rewards !!

  8. Oh Nihal... that is so sweet of you! Thank you! xom

  9. Congratulations on each of your awards, Nihal. You see, we all love you.

  10. Nihal, this was such a wonderful post! You deserve all these awards and more! I will try to visit all the blogs you chose. Congratulations! I like how you displayed the blogs that awarded you--very nice idea.

    I like how you redecoorated your blog! It looks very smart and pretty.

    I was away for over a week and must catch up on what I have missed.

    Hugs, Pat

  11. Nihal,
    Thank you for visiting Delights of the Heart today. I love new visitors and an enjoying your blog.
    Congratulations on your awards!

  12. Ben de Turkce yorum birakan Tek Ziyaretci ODULU'nu alsaydim :D

  13. Welcome Wylde Woman and thanks for enlarging the sisterhood! Istanbul! How very cool! And congratulatons on all the other awards!

  14. @ Bengi: Hahahaaaa..:) Walla cok haklisin. Sen, turkce yorum birakan Tek Ziyaretci Odulu'nun yanisira burayi ziyaret eden tek Turk Ziyaretci Odulu'nu de hakediyorsun. Merak etme, odullerinin tasarim calismalarina basladim bile. Yakinda senin icin de bir seremoni duzenlerim, lol:)

    @ Marilyn: I'm delighted so much seeing you on my site, and thanks a lot for your kind comment:) Come again.

    @ Tammy: I feel so thrilled and honoured to receive it. I THANK YOU for your dedication to enlarging women's power in the world stretched sisterhood. Thank you for visiting my site and sharing your care:) LoVe.

  15. Hello Nihal,
    This is a surprise, and thanks! I have been busy because I am coming to your country again. I was offered a teaching position in Izmit about 3 weeks ago. I am hoping I will be able to continue to blog once I have settled in and have taken a course I need for certification. Thanks again, and as you probably remember I love your blog too.

  16. @ Sincerae: But more than that post, your news seems like such a 'surprise':) My compliments! Excellent news, my friend. Then let us keep informed more of what you are doing upon your settlement, OK? All of my best.