Friday, September 19, 2008

While Running To The Pumpkin...

Heels, which sometimes make legs look longer or sexier and sometimes get stronger with the power of colors...! Oh those skillful details... And those who can't forget the stilettos and babbitts when they come back home at night...

After the vivid sculptures of cows last year, and
giant beauty-full tulip sculptures this spring, now gorgeous and diverse shoe sculptures are gracing our streets in this first days of fall: For the First time in Istanbul! The event is also to become one of the most important open-air exhibitions in the world. Yes, For the first time in the world!

Organizators for this art project

The motto is ''Art is A Riot'', and captures its spirit perfectly. 150 huge designed shoes (HeightXWidth: 1,80cmX2,60cm = 70''X102'') are placed in the most bustling and distinguished points of the city for two months -between Sep 1 and Oct 30, 2008- at Shoe-Art Istanbul 2008. Besides the classical ones, I saw a few different shoe models like high heels, sneakers and motorbike rider's shoes. Very interesting indeed!

The income from the auction will be donated to TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for combating soil erosion for reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habits) and the Turkish Heart Foundation. Continue reading

Now the moment of introduction for those famous Turkish artists, designers and personalities who vitalized the gigantic shoes according to their own ideas, colors and perspectives. I was touring in Levent, one of the main business and financial districts of the City, located on the European side. Let's see how art, creativity, entertainment and action surrounding Istanbul with this so lovely artistic display:

It's all about the details. In fact, I live in detail. I think in detail. It's my life style:) Each one of shoe is original and strengthened with small details. A butterfly on the back, or an elephant head heel... yielding more details. Notice the painter's soul, so lovely... I admire the brush of every artist!

Not only adults, the kids are also enjoying this event, taking pictures and playing games around them. It looks like the City is the center of fun nowadays...

A shoe bank adjusted to some giant shoes. I just left a few of my old shoes for the poor and/or who's in need. Such a great idea, isn't it?

Very interesting shoe, made by using only old and used papers and scraps. For a green world, I support this design from the heart.

I believe that with this extraordinary exhibition, producers will find a chance to promote their brands. A Turkish shoe brand, Hotic is among the sponsors of the event. (Above) The brand designers. You might visit to see their fine shoes.

Oh sure, Converse: World's first basketball shoe!

When I meet this Angel design, I'm frozen. I stopped. Because captured all of my Angels' LoVe!

How would you answer my question as above? For me, absolutely looks. Comfort the second. Ohhh you see it's still summer in my City. Warms our heart, hot over the season's normal degrees and lovely flowers everywhere continue to cheer us:)

Going into details again. The line is full of gorgeous nuances!

I'm off to take a comfort sitting in this giant shoe:)


  1. Istanbul AYAK-LANMI$:) where is my prince ????????? I didn't find him yet :(
    Comfort of course,and orthopedic is my prefer.
    I loved this post very much..

  2. Nihal the lovely:
    The shoeezzs are beautiful -- what a fun thing to wander about and look at!! Here in Seattle, we have a huge Farmer's Market that has been on the waterfront for over 100 years, "Pike Place Market". Their mascot is a pig, so to celebrate the 100 year anniversary, we had piggies all over the city -- same sort of art exhibit. What a blast. My favorite -- the pig in front of the Police Dept., covered in pennies (i.e. "copper").
    Today, fall has really arrived and we sadly say farewell to out "Indian Summer", and hello to Mr. Rain and his companion, Miss Overcast Skies. So, enjoy and savor the last of your summer, search out more shoes for us, your interested crew, and find the "Pink" for tomorrow.
    (P.S. -- the doggie, Otto, is much better, thanks. Nothing like reality popping in as we get all existential and meditative.)

  3. What a wonderful post.... and country! Every time I come here I dream of being able one day to visit your lovely country.... so much beauty, fun and cultural entertainment...

    Have a lovely weekend, lovely lady!


  4. Oh my gosh, I am in love with this exhibit. What an amazing concept, and for a great benefit.

    I'm with you. Style first, but almost equal to comfort. I'm sad to say that my days of wearing heels have passed.

  5. Hello Cara Nihal!

    What a fun and beautiful exhibit! So many wonderful shoes to see and photograph! I love the angel ones too.

    I am afraid I choose shoes for comfort these days as my feet give me trouble from too much walking all my life. I have heel spurs and bunions...sigh.

    Enjoy your pretty shoes as you are young and carefree!

    Have a good weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  6. Hi Nihal! After a short break (you know where) but a long absence, I’m finally back to the blogosphere and found some time to enjoy your excellent blog…
    First, thanks for the tips; it was a great experience, but the pictures will come out only next year... ;)
    Then, your post on the Shoe Art is stunning. I'm always thinking of getting back to Istanbul, but the last weather forecast I saw was with 37º Celsius last week. Come on, a heat wave after a snow storm may be a great adventure, but I'm feeling a bit down to catch it... ;))
    Congratulations on the deserved awards! Your blog is a shinning pearl in the sphere, and I'm so glad I know how to get here!!
    Great post on the CERN LHC, and sorry for the match with Belgium; it seems we did even worse with Denmark; a shame...
    Think pink as a motto? I knew «Drink Pink», from Mateus Rose...
    Many thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, while I was off. It’s now still in Kos on the way to Crete! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend and a nice week ahead!

  7. Thank you very much for the visit in my blog and your good reasons!
    Really you have one marvellous blog with splendidly posts, beautiful photographs and informative comments!
    Amazing the demonstration of shoes!

  8. The shoe sculptures are amazing. Makes me want to go shopping.


  9. The shoe bank is a lovely idea! I have a few pairs I would like to donate!

  10. Please pop over and see the guidelines for the Christmas decoration swap.
    Best wishes
    Indigo Blue

  11. Nihal, what incredible shoes! Are they all over the city? I love the pink ones! And the silver one with wings. Wow!

    Thanks for showing us. What an amazing project.

  12. Shoes! What a wonderful exhibit. I have to say I go for comfort, but have found many beautiful yet very comfortable shoes to fill my closet. The shoe bank is a wonderful idea! I came to visit from Stevie's blog.

  13. @ Bonnie: As for the Pink event, I'm not able to attend for every Saturday, sadly. There's a monthly schedule for my writing stuff here, and I've to talk about others, too. Keep an eye for my pink contribution next month, OK?
    Oh the fall arrived there in Seattle? Actually it was arrived here last weekend w/ heavy rain and a sudden drop in current temp. Now it's gone back, and again sun is over smiling and warming us:)
    Wish you and your Otto happy walkings in the rich colors of autumn.

    @ Cielo: The storied Istanbul City would be glad to have you:) One day, one day I hope...

    @ Gil: How kind of you to offer your comments. Merci beaucoup! Pleased to see that you're safely back from holidaying in our Antalya, Miami of Turkey. Waiting for your travel notes and photos 'til next year would be difficult.. If you wish I'd be your co-author for reporting Antalya post, Sir;) Think Pink not yet a motto but I give a 'special try' on this way life should be:)

    @ Kostas: Nice to see you on my site, and thanks for your visit and lovely comment.

    @ Stephanie: You'd like to donate a few pairs? Bank is open everyday for 24 hrs:) Send them away to Istanbul;)

    @ Indigo Blue: Welcome to my site:) As e-mailed to you, I'm in decoration swap for the merriest time of year.

    @ Glennis: Yes, all of those giant 150 shoes are to design and display only in Istanbul. Lucky we are Istanbulites, as the exhibition is under our feet:)

    @ Cynthia: Warm welcome wishes to you:) And, thanks a lot for your kind comment.

  14. wow..those are some shoes!!! do they come in my size?

  15. wow - I like these much better than the animal types I've seen here in the U.S. My daughter would be in love! she thinks the world turns for shoes. =]

  16. I love the shoes. What a great art project!!

  17. WOW! Very interesting and strange!