Monday, September 22, 2008

A Thrilling Cocktail

I have been journalling since August 2007. It makes me one-year experienced in this journey by the month of August 2008, so I wanted to make something significant.

During one year long, I have had the chance to co
nnect with lots of smart people from around the world, share ideas and learn from readers of this blog through their comments.

It's been a complete joy and
richness to have met you!

Aside from the personal benefits I have gotten from m
y blog, the longer lasting benefit has been and will continue to be a strong network of friends. After all, you don't get to 1-year-old without learning how to create a bit of traffic through link love...

TODAY I am offering my thanks to all of you in the best way
. And, I am very excited about my Cocktail for the 1st year celebration at CrossRoads:) I-give-away N-Joy and N-Rich for two lucky readers. For You:

N-Joy: This jewellery design by me is impeccable in quality and taste!

Lightweight is perfect for any time and occasion. Whether it be a for daily or weddings. Accented by Czech crystals, semi-precious gemstone chips. Wave-like quality black beads gives a graceful touch. Created in a derogative way. Length: 24 ins or 61cm. As you see, it's me and it's my style, reflecting my unique personality. T
he fine piece you will fall in love with now, and treasure forever:)

N-Rich: This book 8 1/2'' X 9 1/2'' and 120 pages is a
cultural influence spanning five hundred years -from the fall of Constantinople through to the twentieth century- that unites a visual feast of Turkish Delights.

The delightfully informative text explains how Turkey, the gateway to the East, became a fountain of in
spiration for so many artistic and cultural fields in the West. The many fruits of this cultural meeting enticingly display in this book.

What I love about this book is how well it is explained. There is plenty inside that you will be new to you. It is seductively illustrated and gripping, 150 color photographs!
I feel that you're curious? I turn one page from the book for your review, here it is:

One more page turning from the book does not spoil the surprise:) Here another page for your review:

To top it all off, it will come with a bookmark as seen in the photo above. A bookmark made by me is a result of my l'arte Ebru works. (English: Marbling Art) Not only is this book delicious, but hand-made bookmark also remind me of happy reading moments:)

How to delivery?

Such is my
commitment to quality that both of them will arrive couched in the softest pouch, protected inside and well-wrapped with the finest paper for the winners.

Now is your chance to win!

Here are the rules:

* To enter, leave a comment below, and make your decision using the keywords N-Joy or N-Rich.
* The comment must be left before 6pm EST on Friday, October 3rd.
* You may enter only once.
* Two winners will be selected. No random drawing. I will decide only by myself.
* One of you will be qualified to win N-Joy and another to N-Rich.
* Open to everyone who are 18 and older.
* Even if you are a non-blogger or a silent reader of my blog, do not hesitate to join and get a chance leaving a comment together with your valid e-mail.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Countdown started TODAY

.Good Luck.


  1. selam nihal:) şansımı bir denemek istedim N-JOY yazıp gönderiyorum:)

  2. Nihal, I want to win the N-RICH, any luck?
    your sister :(

  3. I am very new to your blog and have already found it to be n-riching and n-joyable! What wonderful gifts you have offered. I love books, so I will take the cross road that says N-RICH!

  4. Nihal, you know that I love you and your blog. You always give us so much of yourself, and I treasure every word.

    And, now what a wonderful giveaway to celebrate your first year. You are so kind to offer us this opportunity.

    I, too, am a lover of books, so I will also choose N-Rich. Although both are fantastic.

  5. Already one year in blogland. Time flies when you're having fun. I do like reading your blog very much. I am a reader and I like to read and learn more about different cultures. I do like the N-Rich present very much.

  6. Nihal, congratulations on the one year anniversary of your blog! I enjoy reading about your life and your homeland. I have been N-Riched by meeting you. The necklace is beautiful, but a bibliophile must always choose the book. Thanks for thinking of your readers in such a generous way.

  7. Nihal, how generous you are. I love books so this was a hard choice. However, I must choose N-Joy. I have a pair of earrings you made and I N-Joy them and wear them so often. The necklace would find a happy home with me.


  8. Nihal, thank you for inviting me to your anniversary post! Congratulations on an accomplishment - and please keep posting. Your blog is so interesting and your photography is wonderful to see. I am N-Riched by knowing you!

  9. Hi Nihal!

    I am so glad you enjoyed my blog poast about San Diego California in the US! It was such a beautful place to visit.

    Congratulations on one year of having a blog! You've shown me things I could never dream of seeing and I've learned so much from you!

    Both of your give away prizeschoices are so wonderful! It is very hard to decide between the N-Joy and the N-Rich. Czech crystals are so beautiful, and the necklace is so outstanding!
    But, I would love to learn more about Turkey, as I hope to be able to visit your country one day, so I think I will choose a chance to win N-Rich!

    Thanks so much! Just having you as a blog friend is prize enough!
    Hugs, Pat

  10. Oh Nihal, what a generous and beautiful give-away! I love that necklace! :) Pl/add me to your list of participants... I agree, blogging is a wonderful experience, is the experience of getting to know, and to love, people you've never seen, and maybe never will; still, they're in your heart....

    May the sun shine upon you today


  11. Hi Nihal...I seriously was taking a break but when I saw your was too good to pass. The necklace is a class of its own and that book is a treasure. I have a scheduled post coming up..though I am not hopping around as much..way too busy at the moment..but I'll link you up so more people will pop over. So, there goes my chance for winning either...but good things are meant to be shared. much love and hugs and thanks for thinking of me :D

  12. Dear Nihal,
    Congratulations on your one year anniversary. So grateful we could make the connection! May we enjoy many more years to come and Best of Luck to your lucky winners!!


  13. ciao carissima Nihal, ti ringazio tantissimo ad avermi invitata al tuo primo anno di Bloggghina!!!!!
    non ho capito molto del post, il gioiello che c'è nella foto lo hai fatto tu?????
    è stupendo, complimenti sei davvero molto brava
    di nuovo tanti AUGURI!!!!!!!!!
    è sempre un piacere per me comunicare con te
    ti abbraccio bea

  14. Hello Nihal! I am So glad that we can see each other through our blogs. have you done any quilting? or any sewing? I hope you looked at some of my older posts on my blog, you can see phtos of just about everything there! Children , dogs, neices, quilts, projects...the husband....the house....a little bit of everything!!!!
    Add me to the "N-Rich" list!

    Sam in Middle TN (USA)

  15. Hi, Nihal,
    Happy first year! It goes very quickly doesn't it? I would love to win so that I could N-joy your jewellery everyday. (Will go nicely with everything in my wardrobe!
    Take care.

  16. Hi Nihal

    I N-Joy your blog, your blogname is a very good choice too.
    Why the nickless??? My thought is to give it to my wife and N-Joy again. (lol) Thank you for visiting.

  17. Hi! From Argentina! Giveaway!!!!??? I love it! and Always love your blog too!
    Happy first year!
    visit me anytime!!!

  18. Hello Nihal,

    I am N-thralled to N-ter your giveaway! I would love to N-counter either one of these N-gaging giveaway prizes. Certain to N-joy and be N-riched by them.

    N-sconced in my reading nook, and taken to N-chanting places or N-circling my throat with beauty, being the N-vy of all those who look upon it.

    What an N-livening idea you've had here!

    Thank you.


  19. Good morning, pretty lady! Just came by to say hi and wish you a happy day.... :)



  20. Hi Nihal! Here I am to enjoy your lovely blog on my weekly visit.
    And this week we have a glorious aniversary!
    Congratulations: Your presence made the blogosphere much more interesting! A flurry of fresh air... Thanks!
    Brought some Turkish delights from Antalya; next time, I'll catch the book... ;)
    Look forward to reading you at Blogtrotter, now back in Chania!
    Have a great week ahead!

  21. Ah, I would love to have the "N-Rich" gift as I have very fond memories of a trip to Turkey in Nov. of 1998. My husband had a business trip and it was also the time of our 30th anniversary so we combined the business trip with a little pleasure. We will soon celebrate our 40th anniversary and I would love to return again but perhaps winning the book would be almost as good. Our trip in 1998 was a joy as we had a rent-a-car and ventured all over the countryside near Antalya. In a little town south of there, we passed a jewelry shop and I said to my husband "oh, look you could buy me a new wedding ring" (my original ones had worn thin) and so we began going into shops and much to my surprise,- because he's not like this at all,- he bought me a beautiful ring. Unfortunately, on a very cold night in December (about four years ago)as I was taking my son to night classes, the ring slipped off my finger never to be found. When I told my husband what had happened, I thought he would be very upset. Instead, he surprised me and said "well, I guess we'll just have to go back to Turkey and buy another one!" So you never know, maybe someday we will be able to make that happen. I was so sad at losing the ring but it was, after all, just a ring and the memory of the trip and our photos are still there and so are we, so I cannot be too sad. I have other stories of our trip but I don't think this comment should be any longer!! :-)

  22. n-joy... please!
    By the way... its very nice of you to host such a lovely give-away!
    I love them both!
    Debbie Moss

    (From England)

  23. I saw this on Dick's blog, how kind of you!

  24. @ Mary: Warm welcome wishes going on your way:) Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. Hope to see you again here-