Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello Sir!

I'm pretty sure that all flowers wish they were in this adorable small brown basket...

So, apples! They maybe a little
tart, but green apples are my favorites! They solve all the world's ills. These apples I've eaten over the past week have been incredible. Yes, in case you are wondering, I could in fact live on a green apple:)

A sure sign of the end summer is this cold yellow...

The first thing I see when I open my window are yellow leaves nowadays. It's so reminiscent of Autumn arrival. Soon orangey reds will be on stage for a chic seasonal look;)

Finally, after a dreary and cloudy week, the rain makes a visit...

It's going to rain all day today not, all weekend. I can't complain, we really need it!

And now that fall is officially here in my City. It shall be an amazing first Fall weekend for all of us. Season's sweetings... oops I mean Greetings:)


  1. I like season's sweetings. I wish you the same.

    We are experiencing early signs of autumn here, too. I have enjoyed a break from the extreme heat and humidity of summer.

    I love green apples, too. I discovered another variety a few years ago that are fantastic. They are Pink Lady. Very crisp and tart, but with a mild sweet taste. Delicious!

  2. I love tart green apples, Nihal! They make the best apple pie.

    Beautful sky photo! It is raining here today too.

    Happy Fall!
    Hugs, Pat

  3. Seasons Sweetings to you too, Nihal! Apples are so good especially this time of year - except - I made apple crisp 2 days ago. I used golden delicious apples and they had no taste! It was so disappointing! Wonder where the flavor went?

    Great post!

  4. Love these Granny Smith apples!

  5. Enjoy your cooler days and bouquets of yellows and oranges.

  6. Lovely green apples, I can almost hear the snap when you bite into one. I enjoy the change of seasons, evey season, every time it changes.