Monday, September 29, 2008

I would...

...recommend: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

There were dancers and performers.

There was color, passion, enthusiasm, lyricism, devotion, energy, strength and loads of talent.

They moved seamlessly and united.

The emotions flowed in the captivating love stories' choreography, reaching my inner soul.

They gathered on stage for a joyful and happy finale full of love, energy, expression and liberty in a continually fluid combination.

I wanted to jump on stage and join in, similar to my lack of desire to stay seated in the finale of Revelations. Truly, the show captured astounding sentiment successfully collects all emotions.

they never lack!

On Thursday night, with three programs presented through Sep 17, the Ailey dancers offered us a fresh definition of sensuality in motion. The Group was in the City to perform 3-special shows as a part of their ''50th Anniversary'' world tour. Performed for 21 million people in 71 countries. ''Night Creature'', ''Solo'', ''Love Stories'' and ''Revelations'' were the choreographies of the Company for Istanbulites. The surpreme artistry Dance Company delivers was a great gift to our society!

I should underline that Alvin Ailey is offering a quite different look at American dance today. The Group tours the world as an ambassador for American culture, not just American-African. After Istanbul, the Group is now on the way to Romania, Greece, Spain, and Italy. For a full schedule of unmissable Alvin Ailey's tour, check here

Alvin Ailey celebrates 50-years

Who's Mr Ailey...

As a choreographer, dancer and director Alvin Ailey (b. 1931 - d. 1989) played an important role in establishing black modern dance. He became a noted Broadway dancer and starting in late 1950's. The troupe he founded in 1958, then Dance Company became the most popular dance group on the international touring circuit. At home and abroad, the company is very-well known for its vibrant artistry and repertory, and most importantly, for Mr Ailey's motivating humanist vision.

When Alvin died in 1989, like all great founder-choreographers, he left not only legend but a problem, I think. How was this celebrated dance company to remain true to his original vision? Yet alive to the present and future?


  1. This must have been a stunning performance! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the dancers and also for the information about the dance troup and the choreographer! Fascinating - thank you.

  2. Dance is, to me, one of the most emotional forms of art. It requires passion, and when done well, we are all the benefactors. It helps us to understand our fellow man.

  3. What a beautiful pictures of these dances Nihal !

  4. I was fortunate enough to see a live performance of the dance troupe a number of years ago. It was fabulous.


  5. They are based in NYC so I've seen them often Nihal. My friend's daughter danced with them at one time! :-)

    Hugs, Pat