Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Viva La Chocolate

Pull up a chair and join me for some good old-fashioned feel happy readin'..

By the end of holy month -a 30 day period of fasting-, Bayram (English: Festival) follows. The rest of country is to become a center of feasting and reviving old traditions now. It is wished to have sweet things during this Sugar Festival (Turkish: Seker Bayrami) and afterwards, that's why it's called Sugar Festival. In the meantime, sweet means ''Sugar'' in turkish language.

The Festival is traditionally 3 days at the end of fasting month when families celebrate, they dress up nicely, go visiting all their loved ones, as well as to cemeteries.

Not only a simple concept of celebrations but an opportunity to alleviate the hardship of the poor and needy, bringing together the people around cultural and sacred values, ending past animosities and organizing breakfasts and dinners for loved ones, and putting together neighborhood celebrations are all part of this joyous occasion where homes and streets are decorated and lit up the celebrations.

It's also customary and the best part for the children because they love these visits around the neighborhood, door to door, and wish everyone a happy ''Bayram'' for which they are awarded candy, lollypop, chocolates, traditional sweets such as Baklava and Lokum (English: Turkish Delight), or a small amount of money at every door, almost in a Halloween-like fashion. There is no restriction on how much they can spend and how they spend it, ah wishing to be a kid now...

A long holidays vacation start yesterday -actually beginning from Sept 27-, and what a silent country being closed with all of its offices and schools for nine days until Monday, Oct 6th, and most of the people out of the country, holidaying at home and/or abroad.

Today it's a time of devotion, mercy, patience, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, courage, reflection, remembrance along with wishes for every joy and happiness.

Because it's Mutlu Bayramlar (English: Happy Sugar Festival)


  1. Happy Bayram!

    I so glad to learn about this time of celebration, and of the customs.

    I can see why the children would like this time.

    Enjoy your holiday. A time for a new beginning, and appreciation of your blessings.

  2. I love chocolate.... my fav dessert...! :) Is always so good to see you my sweet friend!

    Wishing you sunshine and bird songs...


  3. What a wonderful holiday! Filled with sweet, kind and thoughtful traditions. I've not heard of it before. Thank you so much for this wonderful and informative post!

  4. Mutlu Bayramlar Nihal! I was so interested to read about your holiday. It sounds like I would enjoy it very much ..I enjoy sweets!

    Hugs, Pat

  5. They look delicious but the doctor told "not to much sugar".