Saturday, September 06, 2008

Going Going Gone

Oh.My.God, my house is so clean. All the faucets and appliances look brand new:)

I never knew the chandeliers could get so clean! I love its elegant aura and heartwarming candlelit glow. Thinking to break off one and make glittery shining crystal chandelier earrings hanging down to my shoulders;)

The kitchen.. No any dirty dishes, no any old newspapers around. Oh my, those little bowls are my weakness! The placemats were in place, and the backs of the chairs have been wiped down. The kitchen looked as if it had been cleaned with a toothbrush;)

The rug in the living room is vacuumed, and the pillows on the sofa were fluffed. I never, ever get tire of keeping the rooms tidy and organised.

I'm ready for the weekend. Heeeeeey!

Yesterday was very sunny, and this morning it looked to be another day of the same, a blue sky with no clouds. Sun is shining brightly...

I'm gone.



  1. Have a happy weekend. There is nothing like a clean and orderly house to come home to when you finish with your fun.


  2. I am having the happiest weekend in Venice! Thank you for visiting me in Roma! A very happy traveller!

  3. I cleaned my whole house this week so I don't have to do it when I come home from vacation next week!

    It feels so good!

    Your bowls are pretty and thta is a beauiful chandelier!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. @ Anna: Oh visiting you in Rome, lol:)
    While you are having an amazing tour through Europe, you don't forget us, and you become a real guide reporting your every minute details via blogging. Now I'm impatient to read your notes on Venice, one of my favorite spots!
    Pretty nice to see you on my journal & always welcome:)