Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Bird of Happiness


Saturday evening.

Istanbul time: 07:00PM

The longest 90 minutes starts.

Why? Turkey and Armenia are at the crossroads of history with the upcoming 2010 World Cup Classification Games between the two countries to be held in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Very frustrating minutes that easily not come to end... I cannot just look at a narrow timeframe. Because we being two peoples
who share a long and common history are coming together for very first time in football. It was giving me a feeling as if playing game to my brother... How would you react?

Then I receive a few calls from my Armenian descent friends whom I knew from my childhood, telling their wishes like 'Hope Turkey wins. Turkey plays very good.' Their sincerity and those many moments I hold deep in my heart since our friendship is true happiness and bliss, I think. Gives me hope and courage to carry on.
I believe it's then that I find my inner strength, not wining a race, an argument, a battle or winning the lottery.

The hard match starts.

Tuncay gave the lead GOLLLLLLLL in the 61st minute. I noticed that our team was not playing well. Maybe they were in the same feelings like me... This first score could not be really enough?
The bird in my heart wanted to get out, to stop the match, but I was too tough for him, I say, stay in there. I'm not going to let anybody see you;) He did not understand but it's a combination of sport and strategy; football. Rules and tactics. No mistakes acceptable on the edge of competition.

Before too long, Semih made the second GOLLLLLLLL in the 79th minute, not forgiving on a defender's mistake.

My heart still beats too fast, maybe a third one?

No. Oh
Thankfully, guys:) 90th minute ends.

Second half-goals yesterday gave Turkey, EURO2008 semifinalist and the 3rd finished in the Championship, a 2-0 winning start to the World Cup qualifying campaign against Armenia in the First match:

Sep 6 ~ Armenia - Turkey: 0 - 2

Oh very exciting moments to air!

On Wednesday, Sep 10 '08, we will host Belgium in Istanbul, and Armenia is at European Champion Spain. Stay tuned!


  1. Okay, that even made me nervous. I get so wound up about sports. I scream, I jump around, I cover my eyes.

    Now you know - I am a sports nut!!!

  2. Hi Nihal
    Hooray for Turkey! It sounds like it was a very good game to watch. Good luck in the World Cup! We will be watching too!
    Going on vacation tomorrow. I will check in the next week with you. Stay well and happy!
    Hugs, Pat

  3. GO TEAM!!!! : )

    Nihal if you are still interested in the postcard swap please drop me a email and I will send you my address. I hope you can participate!

    I will send you all the info needed. You can find my email address on by blogger profile. af

  4. ciao Nihal....un salutino veloce......
    baci bea

  5. Hello Nihal

    Thanks for your nice comment about my Norwegian flag quilt. It is good to meet you because I like reading blogs of people in other countries. It helps keep my worldview from being too narrow. I'm especially looking forward to seeing all your crafty creations!


  6. @ Bev: Yeap, I know I know we have many things in common. Not only sports:)

    @ Pat: Thanks for yr sincere wishes, hope our team goes to make us happier.. happiest. Btw, I appreciate your last-minute news abt the vacation. Just cancelled my giveaway for a few days later, so you too can join:) Buone vacanze, carissima:) Aspetto per le tue notizie a prestissimo.

    @ Stephanie: Warm Welcome & Many many THANKS for your visit on my page, and in particular, the swap notice. Check out your inbox for my @mail as you req'ed.

    @ Sarah: How nice to see you! Exactly, blogging is about a free market of ideas. A chance to meet different profiles, step inside in their worlds, more importantly, there's no end in exploring -if we want!
    As for my crafty things, that said before, I'm poor for the time! More daily stuff, less time, insufficient hours for my hobby-ing.
    When/if I can, then I'll screen it here of course. Welcome to my home, and would be pleased to see you again:)