Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secrets Dark and Deep

The CERN, cathedral of science

Summer 2008 looks like to be most definitely a season at CERN not to miss.

On 7 Aug 2008, the world's leading laboratory for particle physics, CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) announced that the first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made on 10 Sep, TODAY. I'll watch this space all day long, my day absolutely!

News was about t
he world's most powerful particle accelerator LHC, that is producing beams seven times more energetic than any previous machine, and around 30 times more intense. Housed in a 27-kilometre tunnel, it relies on technologies that would not have been possible 30 yrs ago. Refer below How the LHC works, click the graphic to enlarge.

most ambitious and expensive civilian science experiment in history based on the biggest machine that humanity has yet built! What will it all add up to? Why is that? Because...

[1] We don't know much about how the Universe was created. Should consider: we were never there ourselves.

[2] We don't have a much better knowledge of what is out there ''today''. Physicists, astronomers have found for only a tiny 4% of it -planets, stars, galaxies. But not so much the visible things that define the Universe.

[3] Most of the Universe is made up of mysterious invisible substances which are known as ''dark matter'' and ''dark energy''. Dark matter makes up about 26% of the Universe. Dark energy makes up appr 70% of the Universe, and appears to be associated with the vacuum in space. What they are, and their role played in the evolution of the Universe?

To me, it's not natural not enough all what we knew about the Universe till today! Mysteries of the Universe is still existing as mystery more than stated above [1], [2], [3]... and need to be solved.

**Starting today!

After almost two decades of planning and construction, the scientists created the most expensive work of art in human history, that said giant ''atom smasher'' at CERN in Geneva. If the project in question will reveal the Universe's secrets, or give us nothing changed as continue to living in darkness... Interesting? Read the full article The 9 billion dollar question

A global endeavour:
CERN's Member States are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic , Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. India, Israel, Japan, the Russian Federation, the U.S., Turkey, the European Commission and UNESCO have Observer status.


  1. This is a extremely exciting feat. I think there is much to be learned about what is "out there", and I believe we will greatly benefit from gained knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just heard about this on NPR (National Public Radio) news this morning. I will be following the story to see what they discover.


  3. Good morning! I have something for you on my blog..... come get it! :)

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  4. @ Darla: With this important experiment, scientists are hoping to find what they call the ''Higgs''. Higgs, they believe, is a particle, or set of particles, that might give others mass. That's one of the most-asked, most-hotly pursued questions in physics today. Say, today's experiment is a simulation of the Big Bang in lab conditions. In that sense, the mystery of matter will be solved. What was there in space before the creation of matter will be replied. The result is expected to be taken after 10-15 yrs, not today or tomorrow.

  5. It worked!!! And we're still here - or are we? Could we just not be continuing in another existence?
    My 16-1/2 yr. old has had the "final countdown" going as his "wallpaper" for months. See, all is not quilts, blogs and cupcakes (what a shame).
    Gotta go, the doggie is barfing,

  6. @ Cielo: How extra-nice of you! Thank you for presenting me with the Brillante award. Those awards surely are a kinda cause to make me smiley, but you mean a lot to me: You are born, not made. Love.

    @ Bonnie: Welcome to my home & Thanks for your lovely comment. You're so right. See, life is a process. We all are a process, and the universe is a process, too. I'm always for the ''sweetness'' of ''real'' life:)