Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heart Happy

It can be a massive arrangement of exotic flowers to your spouse. Maybe a simple bouquet of daisies to your grandfather. Or a nice potted plant to your boss. Perhaps you are lucky to have nice flowers in your own garden, and you can pick one for your daughter, or a stranger passing thru front of your door. I don't know about all of you but not much beats receiving beautiful flowers!

A sensible part of me whispers that flowers die, I know... However the impression of flowers can not be compared with anything else, and it lasts much longer than other gifts you can give. Unexpected flowers can do wonders for a person's mood!

Early this morning I sent a lovely arrangement of white lilies
for a dear friend of mine as seen above:)

Touch someone today.


  1. White flowers can be so breathtaking. Yours are lovely.

  2. I can think of two very special unexpected bouquets that I received - one was from my mother on my 30th birthday. She had never sent me flowers before and because of their limited budget, I was surprised that she sent such an extravagant gift. I loved it and have never forgotten the lavendar flower truck that said "Bachman's" on the side of it. To have that truck pull up and deliver flowers was something really special. Another time a dear friend from church, younger than I but we became good friends from the moment we met, sent me flowers "just because". Again, I have never forgotten that gift. My husband has only brought me flowers once that I can recall and that's because his friend Mario was buying flowers for his wife and convinced Steve to buy some for me. He sees them as a waste because they die. I figure so do a lot of things but they are so lovely while they last that they are worth every penny spent on them!! It took me many years to convince him that he should send flowers to his mother on Mother's Day but finally in the last several years of her life he did and I know that it just made her day when she would receive those flowers. I send flowers or special quilting gifts to my mother both of which make her smile. Last year at this time my mother was in the hospital and was seriously ill. My dad was no longer at home but living in a care center due to health issues of his own. I took him up to the hospital to see my mother and as we passed the gift shop I asked him if he would like to bring her flowers. His answer was "yes, but how will I pay for them?" because he had no money on him (a rule for residents at the care center). I told that I would buy them but they would be from him. So we picked out a pretty red rose trio and then he wrote "I love you more than you will ever know". That's a fairly personal thing to share in an open comment. But just like your post encourages someone to give a gift of flowers, perhaps someone will add a card and share a piece of their heart, too. My mother got better, but then my dad's health really failed shortly after Christmas and he passed away last spring. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking of all that transpired in the past year or so. I love to visit your blog for what it inspires me to think about and do. Have a story to share on yesterday's post but will e-mail it to you as this is mighty long for a comment!!!

  3. What a wonderful gift Nihal! I'm sure your friend will be so pleased and surprised!

    I received your post card today from Steviewren's swap. Thank you! It is a beautful scene full of yellow flowers and you added such pretty decorations. I love the poem -- very inspirational.

    I'm so happy to be your friend!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. How right you are, flowers are really a wonderful thing to receive. For whatever reason, here in the US we don't give flowers much. Although now it is getting easier, since most of our supermarkets have floral sections.

    I remember when I lived in Norway during one winter, I noticed there seemed to be an awful lot of flower shops in neighborhoods, and I tended to see lots of people getting on trains and buses and subways carrying a bundle of flowers or a potted plant, on their way home from work.

    I am travelling next week to visit my mother in a distant state. She's in ill health. Your post has made me think I should stop at the supermarket on my way from the airport to her house, and just pick up a little flowering something - even just a kalanchoe or a chrysanthemum - to cheer her up.

  5. Flowers are such a beautiful gift! Thank you for a beautiful reminder to share these with others!

  6. You are right, flowers are a beautiful gift and these white lillies are wonderful.