Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Magical World

In a mythical and magical kingdom...

A sublime romantic fairy tale that moves freely between earthy comedy and noble mysticism. Not only a magical fairy-tale story, but it's a multi-layered play full of fantasy, humor, and also a philosophy.

Story told in a Singspiel (song-play) format characterized by seperate musical numbers connected by dialogue and busy action, an excellent structure for navigating the diverse moods, which range from solemn to lighthearted of the story. Sang strongly in German with -thankfully- in english supertitles:)

And, t
he chorus successfully directed by German Marcus Baisch:

he archetypal journey of a young prince named Tamino and a fanciful birdcatcher named Papageno as they struggle to find what will make their hearts complete. The handsome Prince Tamino has fallen in love with an image of the beautiful Pamina. During his journey to find her, he encountered some mysterious characters: the evil Queen of the Night, some watchful guides, a lonely birdcatcher and the forbidding ruler wise Sarastro. Tamino's magic flute may help him, but his own strength was the key.

Look for those stunning gravings of the building below. Followed intrigue, laughter, and running through the hit parade of memorable melodies in this fairy tale here:

This playful but profound look at a man's search for love and his struggle to attain wisdom and virtue was to perform at the Süreyya Opera House last Saturday night:

Constructed in 1924 in the Asian district of Kadiköy on Bahariye Avenue (a.k.a. Süreyya Pasha) who was inspired by opera halls started functioning as an opera hall after a two-year of restoration and 80 year-wait. It's the oldest opera and ballet house on the Anatolian side, where I, too, reside in and the sixth in the City.

Inside? Oh gorgeous in one word! The House has a foyer inspired by the Théatre des Champs Elysées in Paris, and interior based on German architecture. Its ceiling, decorated so beautifully, lighted most effectively:

The Angels were with us while
watching the story as universal as any fairy tale:

Everywhere inside was very attractive and imaginative.

The presentation and costumes were excellent and contributed to the overall effect:

... Will they rescue the princess that Tamino loves?
... Can they vanguish the vengeful plans of the evil Queen of the Night?
... And, can the priests and the powerful Sun God continue to rule the day?

This cosmic battle between good and evil was packed full of operatic and theatrical treats.

Tamino, Pamina, Sarastro, the evil Queen of the night and Papageno address and entertain not only us, but the viewers worldwide for over 200 years...

Filled with ritual and symbolism.

Magic and mystery joined with quirky humor.

A true masterpiece.

It was his last produced work for the stage:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) died prematurely, three months after the premiere of Die Zauberflöte (English: The Magic Flute). Mozart's stunning music and Schikaneder's insightful libretto were presenting us with the eternal dichotomies of human behaviour for both our delight and philosophical enrichment in his The Magic Flute (Turkish: Sihirli Flüt).

Finally, Sarastro and the Temple Priests and attendants welcome the initiates Pamina and Tamino who survived the trials:

I think it would be difficult to invite the people of today to this magical world of yesterday, and convince them that its ideas are as important now as today. Well, nothing entices like a secret, whether whispered or sung.

While this opera recaptures Mozart's passion for brotherhood and its ideals through sets and costumes, all
in all it was a delightful opera, most irresistible opera in a dazzling production. We greatly enjoyed!


  1. Wonderful entry!
    And your opera house is gorgeous!
    I love "Die Zauberflöte" and I have sung in the choir in our opera house.

  2. What an interesting post! I love opera but have been only once and that was years ago in New York City. It was an experience to remember.

  3. I'm am amazed. It must have been an experience of a lifetime.

  4. How lucky you were to see such a production! And the theater is beautiful. I have never been to the opera but several years ago I had the good fortune to attend a performance by Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Orpheum Theater in St. Paul. He sang a number of his songs and a young woman joined him and I was carried away, the music was just so beautiful. When he sang, well, his voice was just amazing and so was the young ladie's voice. I went with a friend who was our choir director and we could not quit talking about what a wonderful evening it was. Just like you - we greatly enjoyed!!

  5. @ Chris (Vincibene): How nice to see you here:) FYI, I was in the choir during my college years as a soprano. But I've never had the chance to sing his music. Thankfully I grew up listening to opera and other classics. Big thanks for your lovely comment. Lieben grusse.

  6. @nihal

    I am a soprano, too. And I also play tennis, I saw it even at the side of your blog. ;-)

    Is it o.k., if I take your link in my blogroll?

    Liebe Grüße

  7. @ Chris: Oh how kind of you. Sure, no need to get my confirmation dear. So cool, I see common things among us:) Have a fabulous fall harvest that the music combined with & Liebe grüsse.

  8. What a beautiful experience you had. Thanks for sharing some of it with us.


  9. It sounds like something I'd immensely enjoy! Wish I could've gone with you... :)

    Love ya


  10. That must have been wonderful, I like opera but not all, Italian opera is my favorite. Nice pictures and informative post.

  11. Dearest Nihal,
    another of your dreamy and wonderful post which makes us happy, tks for sharing and here's wishing you a great weekend, hugs always!!

  12. Hello! I just wanted to drop by and say *thank you* for the lovely postcard you sent me through steviewren's exchange. I love your special touches on it! This exchange has been so much fun.

    Drop by anytime for a visit. I'm sure I'll be back here!

  13. Nihal, I held my breathe as I read your description of The Magic Flute. Your re-telling of the experience made the story as magical for me as attending the opera was for you. Oh to have been able to attend along with you and see that magnificent opera hall....that ceiling alone is opulent and wonderful, much less the performance.

  14. @ Lora: Welcome to my site. I'm glad to see it was a good day for you:) and thanks for the kind words about the p/card I did for you. It's always so exciting to get something else besides from bills in the mail:) Yeap, agree with you, my appreciation goes to Steph for creating this neat swap. I'll let you know when I receive yours. Looking fwd to see you again here:)