Monday, October 20, 2008

Inspiration Daily

I'm over the moon...


Today is a new day.
Pick yourself up and work towards your dream.

Happy Monday~

Source: Image via TAY Project


  1. Am an angel lover. Your post really touches my heart.

    Have an enjoyable monday!

    greetings from rainy Stockholm!

  2. @ Chie: Welcome to my site:) I, too, believe in Angels that they are spirits. They can communicate without speech, in thought. Thanks for your lovely comment and angelic wish. May a guardian Angel always near you, and Happy Day:)
    Warm greetings from sunny (+ a few clouds) bright Istanbul.

  3. What a beautiful sculpture of Eros.

    I do believe their are angels among us. And, just believing makes me smile.

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Lovely post! I do believe in angels. A couple of years ago I drew a series of angels that I have done in Redwork. I really need to get the blocks sewn together as it will be a lovely quilt when it is finished. I just enjoy doing too many things! I am having a happy Monday. As each day passes, I am thinking this next day will be the day I receive your lovely book. Perhaps it will be today. I am waiting patiently but am so excited to see the book and so is my husband!

  5. Hello,

    Angels are back! And we will see them everywhere. Isn't this fantastic?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. A beautful and happy post today from you today Nihal! I believe in Angels too!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. TY for peepin back.

    Wonderful feelings to have new blog friends. Hope you're there to stay & likewise.

    Love to stroll in your site, indeed!
    Well, I always love angels since young years and they always keep my wishes come true.

    Hope you had a nice monday.

    Take care...

  8. That is a beautiful piece of statuary. Did you take the photograph?

    And now I wish you a Happy Monday Night! (it could be almost Tuesday by now : )

  9. I had a lovely Monday working with a health care community outreach program and then spending some time with my GD.

    Angels truly were present in my day.


  10. Hello! I found you! Thank you so much for the lovely post card and little coin. I have the coin in a little dish here on my desk. So nice to finally "meet" you! :^)

    Willow x

  11. A wonderful picture from Eros!


  12. @ Stephanie: Sorry for being late to reply back. No, I did not take the photo. It comes from a site about the archaeological settlements of Turkey;