Friday, October 31, 2008

Magic 4

The Beylerbeyi Palace Pavilion and interior with small domes:

The palace is situated on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorus. Construction 1829-1832. European styles influenced the Ottoman architecture after the second half of the 19th century. The Palace of Dolmabahce, the Palace of Ciragan and the Beylerbeyi are such gorgeous examples of European influence. A Bosphorus tour among those Palaces under my@guidance can be taken here: the Pearl of Istanbul

Be it a digital photo like above,
web page, or
another type of digital document...

To describe this piece of data we use tags as it's something tangible which we can visualize; like a gift tag or a price tag.

Not finishes. Any one of us can be even tagged in any moment:) I did not know this until the day I noticed that I have been tagged by Glennis of Doves Today. Oh my very first time being in tune with it;) Now I see the act of tagging is also in fashion among bloggers like a game and works like a chainletter. The rules for Four Four Four -or Nihalish saying Magic 4:)- as easy as graph out below:

As I think my life is pretty much an open book and my computer as well, so I did not hesitate to join the epidemic;) It's especially useful for discovering new people (have a blog of course).

I would like to pass the baton those people of which I highly enjoy not only reading their diaries but listening with my eyes. I feel it in their images that all seem to be speaking loudly to me that surround me like a polychromatic palette. So while they write and publish, I mostly listen them and truly like that feeling:) They are:

[1] Nature-inspiration w/ Chris at Vincibene

[2] Compassionate-values w/ Lora at My Blessed Life

[3] Exploration-curious w/ Dick at Eye on Texel

[4] Beauty-sunshiny w/ Cynthia at Muse Swings


  1. Fun, I already read Chris's blog but the others are new to me.


  2. Nihal, I love the collage you made for the Magic 4! It's wonderful! Thank you for your sweet comments as well! I have to admit that I was tagged earlier this month for this fun challenge, and posted the 4th picture in my October post titled "Tagged for the Fourth of the Fourth." It's a picture of my sisters and I.

  3. @ Cynthia: Oh is it? I guess it should be intensive period of my work so I didn't notice. I'll have to become a good daily follower of your blog;) Hope to meet you for another game.

  4. Nice to see your stuff too, the domes are fabulous.

  5. Hi Nihal

    Thank you for tagging me. Usually I do nothing with tags, awards and things like that but I will see what I can do. I like your positive way of looking at things.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Thank you very much for tagging me and your nice comments.
    Mostly I don´t outreach tags, by the persons from my blogroll they are not so favored, some wrote it even on their blog, that it is a "tag-free" zone.
    But I think about, what I'll do with it.
    I wish you a beautiful week!