Wednesday, October 29, 2008


How is your October days? I mean what costumes are your days wearing this month?

My October days are bright and deep. They are like patchwork days filled with color, gracefully painted by red. The days of my Red October are:

Oh my, these balloons and red-white flags are to wish the best for her Birthday:

Yes. Turkey is 85 years old. Today.

The celebrations for the anniversary foundation of Turkish Republic continue all over the country. All I can say is that my October days are the joy filled days to be tasted, ...amazed, ...sipped, ...wished, ...photographed and ...remembeRED!

And I'm now off to marvel at bursting fireworks over the Bosphorus Bridge:)


  1. Hi Nihal! So glad to see you back!!!
    Well it seems that there are different approaches to the commemorations; the great advantage of liberty and tolerance!!

  2. What beautiful colors you have captured! Our autumn in the south is more of the same with green leaves, bright flowers and plenty of sunshine!

  3. So glad your ban was lifted!

    Love your pictures! Things are looking very colorful around here with all of the Autumn color in the trees. Plus all of the crazy Halloween stuff:)

  4. Oh I wish I could see the firworks.
    Nice pictures I enjoyed your post.

  5. Happy Birthday to Turkey.

    And, happy days filled with reds to you, dear Nihal.

  6. Happy Birthday Turkey!!I hope you enjoyed the fireworks. I love your October photos. I have been red and green for the past two days as I work on the patchwork cottage blocks for Nanette's exchange! They are finished and so now I can get back to writing about our wonderful retreat last weekend.I am so happy that you are back in the "blogging world"!!!