Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pace Bene!


Since last Friday,

I was feeling myself like a faded rose on its last legs...

As of today -a new day in life- Tuesday,

That faded rose is looking pretty good in an old little milk bottle:)

Due to a handful of site linking to pirated football (soccer) games, Turkish authorities have completely blocked blogging service. The worst is that the ban blocked the entire service in the country, not just infringing blogs. The current news tells us the ban is lifted and blogger is again back:) Does anyone has any experience with banning and blocking, or to block the ban? I now got it;)

Sometimes life's road takes us to places where we just meet the best people or happenings that we experience firstly. As Lucius Annaeus Seneca quoted above that living, unfolding experience of our journey gives us opportunity to share these adventures with people from all walks of life. And...


Source: Maiden's Tower, Istanbul. Image via istanbul.com


  1. Nihal is back!!!
    More musing, culture, thoughts, feelings, and sports with the pictures to truly feel them!!
    It is discomforting though, to realize that some of our basic freedoms, come and go at the whim of "government's approval". As I told my son Kevin, on 9-11-01, "Things you had yesterday will be taken, and you won't even realize it, I'm so sorry for you and us." (See, this is why I love Nihal's spot in the universe, so much of everything to discuss and ponder upon!!)
    Hugs to a "friend" whom I greatly enjoy "talking" with, (and "talks" back),

  2. I'm glad you are back! Sorry about the bloggie ban.

  3. I kept checking to see if you were back and finally, here you are. I am so glad that the ban is lifted. It reminds me of school days when someone would talk in class or some other unruly thing and the teacher would not be able to find out who did it. And so, she would make the whole class stay after school as punishment or some similar thing. Then after a suitable amount of time everyone was told they could go home and all was well until the next time it happened. I guess that is just life. Sooooo, glad though that your time away was only a temporary thing.

  4. Welcome back! I'm glad you're back online. I hope that never happens again to you.

    I been noticing from your comments on postcard swapper's blogs that you are still receiving postcards. Did you get mine? It was one of the first to go in the mail.

  5. Delighted to see the ban is lifted and you are back with us. Hopefully the govt. will find another way of dealing with the people who cause problems and leave people like you out of it.


  6. I'm so glad you're back. It is a lesson for all of us. How quickly something we treasure can be taken.

    I treasure you, and I am so happy to have you again.

  7. I am so glad you can blog again Nihal! I was away for a few days visiting my son and I just found out about what happened.

    Freedom is very important -- I am so glad that Turkey reversed the ban.

    Glad you received my postcard!

    Hugs, Pat

  8. @ Stephanie: Oh I know first-come, first-served. But sounds like it's inapplicable for our p/cards exchange, sadly.. Today a new snake arrived, Willow's into my mailbox:) At present I got 6/11.