Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Quiet in Here

Google's hosted blog service Blogspot ( banned in Turkey as of yesterday afternoon. When I tried to view my page I was redirected to a court decision. No reason for the ban was given. I hope that the service will be restored as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and kind understanding on this matter.


  1. Your message came through. I hope that means Blogger is back up and running.


  2. I hope this doesn't last long!!!

  3. Hi Nihal! It seems weird things sometimes happen. For instance Turkey's draw with Estonia or Portugal' loss against Denmark, draw with Sweden and Albania... ;))
    Hope to see you back soon! At least your blog is here for us to enjoy!
    Blogtrotter just said goodbye to Mykonos 2007!! It shows the famous sunset scene at Little Venice, and the Pelican mascot of the island… ;)
    Hope you enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Nihal:
    You are running in USofA, will wait to hear from you again (hopefully, very shortly).
    Just to let you know, your blog is #2 I go to daily (the happy zombie is #1 only because I keep forgetting to bookmark your address -- yes, I'm a dinosaur at computers).
    Hugs from the city of water, and colorful trees,

  5. Hi, Nihal. Hope the service returns soon. I hope you're doing all right.

  6. I hope you're able to keep blogging.

  7. Oh, no! How upsetting. I will keep checking for you.

    This is just not right!

  8. Oh, I hope the service is back soon, we won't forget you.

  9. Oh Nihal that's so unfortunately... but at least is nothing more than that and you are doing fine... I hope blogger will be up again soon in that lovely country of yours...

    love ya


  10. I'm sure that's very frustrating! I hope the ban is lifted very quickly.

  11. I hope also, your blog will be soon reconstitute.
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