Friday, October 24, 2008

Unthinkable Game

Estonia got their first point in World Cup Qualifying match last Wednesday after they managed to hold us to a goalless draw:

Oct 15 ~ Estonia - Turkey: 0 - 0

We had many chances. Unfortunately we failed to convert the opportunities, and it was a surprise that we have not scored. So it was not an exciting match. The result left us second in the group, four points behind leader Spain who beat third-placed Belgium 2-1. Current standings as follows:

Here's year round calendar for our matches:

28/03/2009 Spain vs Turkey

01/04/2009 Turkey vs Spain

05/09/2009 Turkey vs Estonia

09/09/2009 Bosnia H vs Turkey

10/10/2009 Belgium vs Turkey

14/10/2009 Turkey vs Armenia

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  1. Nihal,
    So sad for the loss to Estonia. I still need to tell you my soccer story (from Germany) and also my Estonia story (Finland to Tallinn)......but I am off to our quilting retreat today. The dog and hubby will be keeping each other company. Not a good day on world markets. That is something I am really sad about. Will be with wonderful friends though and I am taking my lovely book from you along with me so that I may share the story! Have a good weekend.