Tuesday, November 18, 2008

C'est Magnifique!

Last Sunday, Nov 16...

I received an e-mail saying...

''I too found the last rose of the year, opening despite the rain.''

Lovely e-mail was continuing to say ''I will attach some photos.''

Oh yes, it does. I found a few more lovely shots!

Look, how amazing fall colors that scream ''H.a.p.p.y''...

Looking back time, I was only 6 months ago.

Another lovely e-m
ail was sent in Jun 12.

Saying ''
Attached are few photos of roses in my garden.''

Oh rosy love, my heart almost stopped..

because of these breathtaking roses, more than words can say...

Did you enjoy taking a walk up and down in this garden between June and November?

These are really the coolest-looking roses I've ever seen! I have no wonder how nice they smell. This happy little corner is a garden in Harwell (of Oxfordshire-UK).

And, the talented and gracious friend of mine, Liz gifted me with so wonderful photos taken in her garden. I see...

her reach in the photos,
caring from her eyes,

so natural so timeless.

Thanks so much Liz.


  1. I love this walk through the garden because I do not have roses in mine. I can smell these roses, yes!!! When we visited England, one of my favorite things was the lovely gardens. I remember just stopping to sit on a bench and breath in the smell of the roses and other flowers in the gardens. You are lucky to have a friend who shares her garden with you!!

  2. Those are the best friends, that can make you so happy with an email.
    The garden is wonderful. I can almost smell those roses when I look at their photographs. It takes a lot of patience and care to grow roses, I never could, but I really admire those who can!

  3. The Queen of flowers, lovely.
    I tried to grow them in my garden (mini) but it didn't work.