Monday, November 17, 2008

Touch-ing World

It first seen in Apple iPhone. Then Microsoft made further improvements. So here's one more multiplying touch movement. It's a demo showing various apps on a multi-touch flash screen. Play the video as it's definitely in our future:

As a multi-touch fan, it's so exciting to see such interactions. And, one question comes to my mind:

Technology changes, but humans don't.


  1. I love the video where they show the Google world map.

    Interestingly - I think humans do change. People of today stay "young" longer than our grandparents and more playful. It might be the influence of this kind of technology. Change induces change... but if you mean they do not change in the sense that they stay like children then yes, that is more and more true :-)

  2. Technology becomes more human.
    I like that screen.
    People change because of the social and technical environment they live in, but some values have never changed.