Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pink Net

''Life is like a grapefruit.
It's yellow and dimpled on the outside,
pink and squidgy on the inside and
sometimes people have half of one for breakfast.''

A.P. Apple

-Paintings To Smile About

Istanbul is a lucky city!

It has got a set of peaceful and beautiful islands right off shore. On the other hand, the islands are car-free. When I got to Büyükada (meaning 'Big Island') this summer, I rented a bike and managed to circle the entire island in a few hours. It was a beautiful ride with
gorgeous coastal views of the Sea of Marmara and Istanbul. Like other islands, this one has also been dotted with gorgeous wooden mansions, and took this photo during my day-trip.

You are lucky too?

-Unleashing Those Hidden Talents

Do you think I must have big plans for these? Like sewing plans? You are wrong. I think to create unusual and fantastic pairings
using them together for wrapping up nicely. Oh don't let this fool you. I have much more ribbons and ric-racs than what my photo indicates as follows.

From rose tones to bright fuschia when it comes to colour, a splash of pink works the best. See below left, my fuschia roses will make a pretty lovely final touch when I attach on the gifts.

Anyone else out there excited by the holidays coming?

-Recapturing Carefree Youth

Meet Beren on the left, and Linet on the right. Pink-y lover celebrities from Turkey.

Beren is a young Turkish actress, 28 yrs old. Not only talent, b
lessed with so much beauty. Now she appears in tv series Hatirla Sevgili (English: Remember Darling)

Linet, the Istanbul based Israeli singer, 41 yrs old. She was in a recent live concert. Her cheerful pink dress from British fashion designer Alexander McQueen is sure to make everyone feel so young again.

As they say you're only as old as you feel:)

-Waiting To Say Goodbye

Feels like spring outside here..

We have been having abnormally high temperatures these past weeks. Hard to believe it's already mid of November! Lately there has been discoveries, much learning and observations for me. I was off for a walk and found some pink roses in the garden as if waiting me in tears to say goodbyes til' next spring.

Oh do not leave me..

I find nothing warms me up inside like one true color, pink. What about you? If staying warm is on your mind then you'd look for some fun pink-y things and stories that keep the cold away. Visit Beverly's How Sweet The Sound

My special note:
* This post is dedicated to a kind-hearted friend whom I love, Beverly, promoter for the Pink Saturday event *


  1. I think life is sometimes tiring, sometimes bitter chocolate and sometimes sweet pink :)...another great post...

  2. Nice shots, have a happy pink weekend!!!!!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Nihal. Your are such a sweetheart.

    I love all of your pinks today. It will be a lucky recipient of a beautifully wrapped package from you.

    And, that pink home is gorgeous. The last rose of summer was just for your pleasure. I can see some roses out my window as I leave you this message. The will soon be gone because the temperatures are to be below freezing this week coming.

  4. Ah Nihal:
    Never the ordinary or mundane from you!!!!
    Thanks for another "provocative" thinking Pink Saturday.
    hugs, Bonnie

  5. Hi Nihal,
    Istanbul looks so beautiful. Are there more pink houses about?
    Have a lovely Pink week!
    Cori G.

  6. Hi Nihal!

    I miss you! All your pinks are lovely. I'd be sad about the roses dying until next spring too.

    Your holiday packages will all look so beautful.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Hi Nihal, You made my mouth water thinking of a juicy pink grapefruit. Have you received anymore postcards? It has been over a month since I began posting them!

  8. Thank you for posting such beauty in photos and words.

  9. Beautiful pinks! Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Beautiful Pink post!!!!
    Have a Joyful & Bless week,

  11. What a fun post! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Lots of wonderful pinkness here, and as usual, it gets better from Nihal with a twist :D
    wished I have the chance to go to the big island too, have a bleseed week Nihal :D

  13. @ Bonnie: But how did you know;) YES, I'm not ordinary one. You're so true to analyze me:) I absolutely love to hear from you. Big Hugs from chilly Istanbul.

    @ Stephanie: Oh no, not coming the rest 3 p/cards yet. I know I know it's been over a month, and hope the rest will arrive before this year ends;)

    @ PS fun girls:
    Thank you so much for all the sweet pink comments! I soo appreciate as usual! :)

    And, I'm so pleased to WelCome 'new' pinkies at my home upon my 4th participation:

    :: Cori, Joy, Erin ::

  14. I love all your pinks. Happy late Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

  15. @ CC: Welcome to my home:) Merci for your lovely wishes:)