Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change For All Of US

Did I say I am obsessed with Scrabble. On the weekends or late evenings at home you can catch me at Scrabble. One night before the Big Election Day. And here's the word I made up:) I was attempting to beat my sister:

No. I knew that I would wake up for a new day TODAY with a change more than a chance to make history.

No. I see that i
t is possible to BELIEVE how the change has come to America.

Our papers became a part of this historic movement from the first pages putting a headline (in Turkish) Amerika'da Yeni Dönem: ''The US enters a new period''

There should be millions of you out there; volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy, supporters who have put their heart and soul, and voters. I thank you all for bringing this change as it was what we also have been looking for.

We all will be definitely watching to see how the things will start to change and grow all over the world, slowly but surely.

I always believe. Because life is believing.

Nothing more.


  1. Change has indeed come for us and I welcome it. I wish our new President the best but I am worried about the mess he's inherited.


  2. A big congrats to America. we all needed that too.

  3. @ Darla: The mess he's inherited? But it's the fact that makes the US, right? He's got really good advantages, and things will get better. Chin up, dear:)

  4. Hi Nihal

    A proud and happy day in America!

    I also hope to see a woman one day become President! All things are possible!

    Hugs, Pat

  5. We are indeed a very blessed country.

    Your well wishes and hope mean so much to us.

  6. Thank you for believing in us!!!

  7. I was thinking that I should go out and buy a newspaper today because this is such an historic election. We just get the "outstate" edition so I called my son to have him pick up the Minneapolis Star Tribune for me. Speaking of Star Trib. the article on Turkey is too large to easily scan so I will send it along to the address on the return label from the book you sent to me, if that is okay. I am glad to see the great voter turn-out and the change in leadership is much needed. There will be "bumps in the road" but I think it will be a good four years.

  8. I was scared! I know he couldn't honestly lose, but that is why it would have been so enormously crushing if he had. I am so glad democracy prevailed.

  9. Nihal,
    Thanks for your words of support for our country, they mean a lot! I pray that we have good change coming.

    I finally got my 4th pic from the 4th folder posted tonight, too!

  10. rande cambiamento Nihal, una speranza per tutti gli Americani e per tutto il mondo.

    Fantastico il viaggio, e le foto meravigliose sono i luoghi che anche a me piace visitare.
    ciao ciao

  11. Isn't it wonderful!!!!!

    yes we can.

  12. @ Lisa and Thyme: So glad to welcome you at CrossRoads:) Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. A wish to see your future visits.