Thursday, November 06, 2008

In The News

This is just my small gathering of news coverage of the US President-Elect Obama from only Turkish online newspapers that included substantial ''news-opinions-questions'' on their front pages dated today Nov 6th. View the news here (National sources):

Sabah: Obama in the world media. ''A dream realized''

Hürriyet Daily News: Moment of Hope Worldwide

Milliyet: Obama's historic victory

Türkiye: Black - White. Everyone is happy. Now eyes on Obama, and his policy.

Taraf: This is your victory

Dünya: Unblocked majority seems hard because of voting not resulted in some regions yet.

Vatan: What will change now that Obama is President?

Hürriyet: Super Couple, Obama's

Tercüman: From Slavery to the Presidency

Yeni Asya: Black President - White Page

Referans: First Step toward building an economic recovery

Milli Gazete: Will He be able to bring change?

Hot News Turkey: Obama begins team selection..

Zaman: The change is come to America. What's expected to happen hereafter in the US?

Radikal: Obama's ''the victory of hope''

Yeni Safak: Black revolution in the US with OHBAMA

Personally, above headline made me smiley because of Ohbama:)


  1. Historic time. It looks like people in Turkey are as excited about the election as those in the US are.


  2. Hi, Nihal - I added you to my blogroll.

  3. @ Darla: Oh yes, like all of you we look forward to seeing the movie, closely following Obama's lead. On Turkish-American relations, there were always changes from president to president, but also great continuity. A note, ministry diplomats will seek an opportunity to meet Obama while Turkish PM attend an economic summit in Washington on Nov 15th.

    @ Glennis: Yes, you can:) Thanks dear.

  4. Historic it is but the question in the Milli Gazete "Will He be able to bring change?" is a good one.
    I guess America is tired of Bush but will it really change?

  5. Fascinating glimpse through the eyes of the Turkish Press. Thank you for such a great post. You must put a lot of thought and work into your posts. They are all so interesting. I have a copy of the Star Tribune for you and will mail in a couple of days. :-)

  6. How nice to see all the headlines. Thank you for putting that together!

  7. Thank you for the post of newspaper headlines! It's nice to see the coverage in Turkey. I am VERY pleased that Obama was elected.

  8. same here Nihal..every single paper :D hope you are having a good week

  9. Believe me we are all THRILLED in New York.
    Yes, please start your own city secrets tag.
    You can link back to The Guardian and Maryam and me or just go for it!
    We long to visit Istambul -since one of our greatest friends lives there part of the year.

  10. @ Sandi: Good news:) Many tks in advance for your kind effort shown on this way. Putting a lot of thought and work into my posts? No. Honestly no. I'm very experienced about this little work, blogging. My problem is not to find some more time:( Still many things flying on my mind, and hope I can realize..

    @ Ksee: WelCome to my world, and thanks for your kind note:) Come again.