Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Connecting Ideas and People

There is something that school can not teach us:

w to make into something different, unique, or as famous marketing guru Seth Godin once said - to be a 'Purple Cow'.

I'm a believer that we should also be taught how to create, discover, research and importantly look at problems from a totally different perspective. Transmission between lines and shapes, the act of sketching, drawing, coloring...

Not only it would be both cool AND differentiated,

it would be memorable as well.

Let's admit one important thing that good communicators are always good tellers.

During the process of telling, we generally use two main technics: sketching and drawing. But they are not the same things. Lets see better in examples:

~ Sketching is about capturing and communicating ideation but not complete about thoughts and/or concepts. See this, egg on my face by Thyme:

~ Drawing is about to understand and fully articulate something visually. Now see this, my cup of pens and markers by Stephanie:

Aren't they visually interesting.

As for myself, I like sketching out my ideas on paper, mostly on napkins when they pop into my head.
It helps me to explore different ideas, to see things better, to continue the free flow of ideas and come up with relationships that I never would have thought of. Really the fastest way for me to quickly see the picture on my head. Plus, thinking in colors gives me an unusual trip, like a fair game:)

Thinking visually = Sketching = State of mind

Today, a different age. Honestly, I'm very comfortable with sketching digitally. Required no white board:) But I still like to take notes and sketch on paper -if or when I'm far from my assistant (laptop).

Right now I can't stop thinking the business world could feel like so natural thing if we were thinking, creating and designing completely with mode of freedom, I mean the marketing area.

I think we are better in blogosphere because an amazing effort we ALL put into our little spaces in favor of utilizing free mind and mood for our writings and works.

So in this connection,
I'd like to announce my nominations for the following awards that I honored to have received last month. Now you'll be pleased to discover new great talent writers -or shall I call artists, guess they are both:

The Blog in Bloom Award from Cynthia came with this excerpt:
''Nihal_ Who shares with us in Crossroads the beauty of Istanbul, a magical city ancient and modern.''

Now take an out of bohemian style trip with Thyme. The mindmaps of her ideas persuade me to see things in a different light, sometimes with light humor.

(The fourth time)
The Arte y Pico Award from Chris came with this excerpt:
''Nihal_ For her creative interesting stories.''

Now take a relaxing trip with Stephanie. Uses an intimate style to share opinions with her doodles. Her drawings quite inspiring for me to take action. She's also a skilful storyteller. It's like chatting with your friendly nextdoor neighbor.

Hug A Friend Special Award from Cielo came with this excerpt in a personal way by e-mailing:
''Though we might never meet in person and miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for blogging doesn't count the miles, it's measured by heart... And, I'm glad to call you my friend. Here's a little appreciation gift in honor to friendship and comradeship to ALL my special friends in blogland. And you're one of them.''

I THANK to everyone
writing such great blogs
it was hard for me
to narrow my choices to just two.


  1. Thank you, I am honored! It is also fun to discover a new doodle-blog, I enjoy other peoples sketched ideas very much. Thank you for that :-)

  2. Thank you Nihal for honoring me with an award, featuring my artwork and the nice things you said about me. I appreciate it. You are very generous.

  3. Congratulations to Thyme! Enjoy your Blog in Bloom award! Stevie your Arte de Pico Award is as stunning as your art! Nihal - I am pleased that you were recognized with these awards and also that you have recognized two VERY deserving artists!

  4. Hi Nihal

    Great post, so nice of you to mention the other bloggers.
    I'm not so creative but I still have my blogger career. lol

  5. Thank you for this interesting entry and to mention me.
    Regrettably my English is not so good, so my comments are often short spoken and I can't express subtleties. Thanks to LEO!