Thursday, November 27, 2008

Buy Buy Buy!

Without customers you don't have a business, you have a hobby.

Daihatsu- Dropping prices

Volvo- Euro/YTL rate fixed at 1,75. (today's currency 2,03)

Isuzu- Don't miss.

Opel- 4,500 YTL discount (for passenger cars)

Dropping prices (for light commercials)

One of our leading papers is for 44 pages to be published each day, and what's pretty interesting is that there are many advertisements inside, especially coming from auto companies.

Why not?

Because auto sector is one of the driving forces behind this country's export boom. Although the balance of the public finance is a top priority, companies are trying their possible best in order to revive the domestic market without waiting for a move from the government. In fact companies from all sectors started to take care of their own business themselves while developing strategies and introducing solutions for the benefit of the consumers to survive the wave hits in the market.

The shrinking of the European auto market which accounts for 90% of our exports began to show its impact on our exports since last month with the cancellation of orders, and it caused a serious slowdown in October and November for the auto sales here. Now car dealers and manufacturers are making many sacrifices to help ease the concerns of their customers, recalling that the industry's discount campaigns, dropping prices, offering special incentives, etc etc... And as a result, companies are facing fiercer competition for a small pool of spending turkish liras!

One thing is so clear that the consumer mood in Turkey is changing. People think more than twice before purchasing a car because of the uncertainty in the economy and the increase in interest rates.

I thought I would post those ads clippings as a reference, all dated Nov 26. For sure, the ads going to the craziness that is the economy, and I think its effects of stress are making the people ill...

Here's a few more from the same paper for different brands:

Mercedes Benz- installments upto 21 months + 0% int rate

Audi- long warranty periods upto 4-yrs

Hyundai- discount...

Mitsubishi- dropping prices

Peugeot- dropping prices

While the global economic slump in Europe spreads wider hitting significantly;
[1] auto,
[2] chemical,
[3] transport sectors,
and it's said that the list will soon get longer.

In Turkey the top-three sectors to be in danger of going into reverse as overseas and domestic sales slump;
[1] construction @nd housing market,
[2] auto
[3] textile

YES, very a
ttractive sales campaigns driven by Turkish auto sector but outlook is still gloomy.

encourage you to continue reading EU business and expectations from 2009, and let me know what kind of news from your part -both good and bad.


  1. My car is a 1995 VW but I like it, I won't buy a new one.

  2. @ Dick: I wish you were buying a new one, how about 2009 model year VW... Look now how it'd be like:
    Your purchase->fire European auto market sales->impulsion (more orders) to Turkish auto market->Happy Smiling everybody

    Just kidding;)
    May be better to save our pennies nowadays:)

  3. Dear Nihal:
    Totally away from subject at hand. Here is US of A, today is Thanksgiving, a time of people giving thanks for the many blessings in their life. God, family, doggies, a job/self-employment in this economy, a house to go home to, a President-Elect who represents change, the list goes on.
    Another for me is you and your thought provoking blog -- questioning, commenting, observing. Originality at its best, in a sea of boring sameness. THANK YOU!!!
    Extra big hugs, from nippy Seattle (35+/- with wind), and where an innocent turkey is going into the oven!!! YYYUUMMMMMMM

  4. @ Bonnie: Again, the strength of your words and your sweetness leave me speechless, dearest Bonnie. I know very well that stock markets may crash, attacks can happen, jobless rate can rise... but our hope and love never do. May wonderful blessings surround you and yours, and Happy Thanksgiving Day. I can almost smell turkey, even from here;)

    Sending warm thoughts from freezing Istanbul to Seattle:) Give a hug to your little Kevin for me.

  5. Housing and construction was the first one here too, and the cancellation of jobs in some major European car factories but that does not hurt us.

    I must say I was not really sorry when I heard some building projects will be cancelled. There is hardly enough space to move around now. I dread all the building sites that pop up. They mean again less area for walks and nature, we don't have too much of that here now.

    What would make me worry is when it hits health care and water management. But they are constanly in need, so not much difference there. (Haha)