Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankFULL

Friday, Saturday... every day is a fun, every day is as sweet as a cupcake:)

Do you remember what is your earliest cupcake memory?

I'm sure it's a
childhood birthday party like everyone else. The best thing I know about cupcakes is that they remind me of happy memories and good times I shared together with my loved ones.

Did you say 'Aaaaawww....' when you first saw these?

Aren't they stunning ornaments. They are really so sweet, so artfully stitched! Wouldn't these add some charm to my tree, or my door above and welcome the sweetness of the season?! Wherever I hang them, they will be sure to attract attention and make
some yummy looking treats as well:)

Our hats off to you Betz!

Her website has plenty of designs that she combines the ancient technique of felting with today's cast-away sweaters to create really 'delightful' pieces and even to help you decorate your best during the holidays season. Her
cupcakes, a true work of art. No doubt you'll become addicted of her delicious space like me!

The holidays are a time of giving, and my holiday
s started a bit earlier with having this Lucky Me moment as I was the winner of her weekly give-away:)

Oh November, November.. you gave me chance for the second time, wow! Sansliymisim da haberim yokmus;)

While I'm going
to find the perfect hanging spot or the perfect tree for these darling ornaments at home, you do not wait to visit Betz's website

I think that a few of us are fortunate to find what we love and what we love to do. I hope everyone finds something they really love and continues to grow with it:)


  1. Thanks for this nice and sweet post.
    ciao ciao

  2. Thay are hand made? They are really pretty and cute. I especially like the birds.

  3. I love the birds and the cupcakes.
    I made the first cupcaes when my children were very young. My mother made lovely things, but no cupcakes.
    I enjoyed visiting Betz.
    Have a nice weekend Nihal !

  4. thanks for the sweet post! Enjoy!

  5. Those are very sweet ornamnets Nihal! Congratulations on winning Betz's give away and thanks for introducing her to us! I will go over to her web site to look at more of her work.

    Thank you for your nice Thanksgiving wishes! We had a wonderful day spent with my extened family and had much to be thankful for.
    Hugs, Pat

  6. Hi Nihal - We have so much for which to be thankful. And here's something else to add to your list: you won the book giveaway at Paris Parfait! Please email me your mailing address. Merci! - Tara xo

  7. @ Tara: Oh my goodness ~many thanks for this wonderful giveaway, I can't believe. Very surprised, very... I will certainly think of your generous nature when reading it~.
    What can I say, this year has been wonderful and full of ''thanks'' for me indeed. I'll e-mail you later today. Much Love&Hugs.

  8. Nihal! How are you?
    When I changed blogs last year I lost you. Now I find you again through Tara ;)
    Congratulations on your win!
    Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.

  9. So good to find you out here!!

  10. They are very nice and I'm sure it's gonna be a wonderful Christmas tree.


  11. Congratulations, Nihal! I do like Betz's creations so I can imagine how happy you are.
    You will definitely have a special Christmas this year with these beauties accompanying you ;)

  12. @ Gillian: Lost me? Are you sure?? However I'm a continuous reader and commenter on Tara's blog, like you:)

    @ Di: So nice to welcome you who's working throughout Europe and Turkey:)