Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old World Cards

Oh la la.. Happy day, happy...

These angels in line-up were just waiting for me in my dusty mailbox last day.

Going in deep about it... Red (and also white) double-fold greeting card has an Angel aperture decorated with iris folding in shades of gold, so sweet...
I love this die cut card technique because of the thought and effort put in. The center of the design is typically finished with holographic paper (possibly some ribbons as well) and the result resembles the iris of an eye or a camera. All I can say is that they are her labor of love!

Hand made Angel Christmas cards with Iris folding
are created, beautifully wrapped with a red-heart clip in the center and then mailed by chรจre Ralitza in Bulgaria.

There would not be any better giveaway for someone who's a lover of Angels! In celebration of her #100 posts, the luck knocked my door:) Thank you so much Ralitza, and all of my best wishes for your continued success in blogging with more more more than 100 posts.

Just feel myself so lucky so happy as I find/meet/write/send/make/work/receive/come cross all what I love in my life.

And, I can't wait to spread holiday cheer with my angels for the loved ones...

''Treat me like an angel, I'll show you heaven.''
Author unknown


  1. And now you are a lucky winner, too! What a lovely techinique on that angel. It's like looking into her heart! I shared my lovely book with friends this past week. Each one took a turn looking at the lovely pictures. Thank you so much for choosing me to receive that book. I treasure it! Oh, and you, too. Have a lovely day!!

  2. Lucky you, you deserve it.

  3. Yes, you do deserve it! Beautiful cards, too! :)

  4. I am so happy you got them, Nihal!!!

    It took them quite some time for such a short distance, that I got worried they might be lost.
    I am happy you like them! I made them with the idea of each of them being someone's angel. I am glad you can feel it!