Friday, November 21, 2008

Direct Response

While feeling the bitter truths of the life do you still find gaps where you are able to smile?

emma and antonio fighting

Last night I saw Un Giorno Perfetto (Turkish: Mükemmel Bir Gün / English: A Perfect Day)

This movie is about a recently divorced mother (Emma) of two whose abusive ex-husband (Antonio) can't seem to accept the fact that their marriage is over. The husband is obsessed with his ex-wife, so going under a psychological treatment to get rid of this extreme love but it doesn't look possible. In general looking each member of an already dissolved family even kids tries to re-gain the bits of life.

From the very first time, I just knew that it was going to end very, very badly... giving moments of high tension and blood-boil but it was a film with few rays of hope as well. One of the few happy moments came when Serra Yilmaz (Turkish actress) served up ice-cream to Emma in the end of a day when she suffered tragedies.

If I take a honest look in their soul, the Italians are often too depressed themselves.
Of course this film is not meant for Italy or Italian people even though it's an adaptation of the novel by popular writer Melania Mazzucco which looks at life in Rome over 24-hours.

However the Director wanted to give us an important message about the climate around the world that is of intolerance and violence against others. The story of Emma and Antonio showed how human beings can easily turn into monsters. It is what is happening everywhere -today! So true.

à! He again put his signature under such a nice movie. Because his films never fails to amuse, smile, anger, stimulate, surprise, and now depress. As my numero uno film director, the Istanbul-born Rome-residing Ferzan Ozpetek has become the darling of Italy for the past decade:)

A sidenote; last year Ferzan was on the Venice jury, and this was his first year in Venice's competition. The lead actress, Italy's best loved Isabella Ferrari (Emma) won the 'Best Female Actor' of Francesco Pasinetti Award for this movie Un Giorno Perfetto at the 65th Int'l Venice Film Festival. Oh, and yes she was absolutely stunning in the movie!

This movie gave me another opportunity to appreciate Ferzan Ozpetek once more.

His Turkishness, or living in old Rome?






  1. Nihal, yes Ferzan is our 'perfect' chance. For a better peaceful world... there's still lack of application,.. sadly:( This movie conveyed the message successfully like his other movies.

  2. I hope I can get to see these. I'm yet to see Turkish cinema, wish it was accessible back here.

  3. The movie does sound intriguing. It sounds like the kind of movie that haunts you - that you always remember.

  4. It is a pity that movies in a language that you don't understand are always a bit inaccessible, have a limited audience. It is a shame because they are usually more interesting than the polished up thirteen-in-a-dozen American movies we get so many of. There were a few Italian directors who managed to break through the language barrier, but not many today. With such a psychological theme, I doubt this movie is going to reach us here.

  5. @ Anil: From India? So cool. Turkish cinema is ''in full bloom'' and hope you get a chance to see. Nice to read your comment, Welcome to my home.

    PS. Anil is one of the popular Men' names here. Name of my cousin is Anil too:)