Sunday, November 30, 2008

The News is The Life


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''Turkey is not just where cultures bracingly blend, or through which pipelines are crucially threaded, though these things are certainly true. It's simply where the world's vital interests seem to intersect.''

by columnist Jill Burcum [Star Tribune, Minneapolis] - Nov 1, 2008

Read the full of her article at Star Tribune

I'm not a journalist but I'm extremely interested in how news is published. Maybe it's as simple as asking ourselves, do you exchange your opinion to other/s?

While some news may cause me to sniff, taste, ponder some to irritate me if it's politically incorrect. I truly enjoyed reading this.

Special Thanks to Sandi for letting (+posting) me share this news that mattered not only to her, me too:)


  1. Very interesting. Americans I talk to always mention the Kurdish problem in relation to Turkey. I must confess that it is never the first thing I think of, but I am wondering at her using the word "terrorist", because that is not how they are seen in relation with Iraq, since there the situation of the Kurds is used as one of the excuses for the Gulf War. It is interesting how news is coloured through a prism depending who is talking about it to whom. Political correctness is surely an isue.

  2. @ Thyme: Americans?? I don't agree with you.
    No wonder, author used the correct word, 100% true.

  3. Morning, Nihal! I went off to bed and forgot to pop over and look at your blog post. What a nice surprise this morning! I am so glad that you enjoyed the article. I thought it was very well written. And I thought it was definitely meant for you to read!! Turkey really is a Crossroads!!

  4. I always find it interesting to know how others view our country. And, I found this article quite interesting to read her view of your country. Thanks for sharing.

    I most enjoy seeing your country through your eyes.