Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Original ''Pretty Woman''

Every element was stupendous.

That is the genius that Verdi created for us to contemplate through his music.

Another fantastic and bravissimo production by the Sureyya Opera House.

I talk about La Traviata. Before telling here a few of my insights, listen some of Verdi's most memorable music in this video:

Last Saturday night we had the pleasure of seeing ''La Traviata'', sung in Italian. It's undoubtedly the greatest Italian opéra composer Giuseppe Verdi's (1813-1901) loveliest, scandalous and cross class romance.

I was amazed by soprano Otilia Maria Ipek's (Violetta Valéry) divine performance. Her exceptional singing capabilities and her heartfelt acting was indeed touching! I particularly liked the treatment of Violetta's death scene.

In this opéra, I saw all of Verdi's remarkable qualities, ravishing melodies, sumptuous customes, gorgeous choruses, filled with an astonishing variety of colors and nuance combining with the powerful story of love sacrificed that all made La Traviata one of the most treasured of all opéras.

As far as the story...

It tells us a story of beautiful Violetta Valéry
, a courtesan gives up her life of turning tricks when she meets Mr Right, the rich aristocrat Alfredo. The treat of scandal causes Alfredo's father to put the brakes on this relationship. She finds true love but is then forced to make a terrible sacrifice by an unforgiving society, death.

You can read the full story here

We loved it, as we hoped:)

I am extremely ready to see this masterwork again...


  1. I love "La Traviata", I sung in the choir. Thank you very much for the funny video!


  2. Difficult to say what I loved more, the music or the animation! Of course the music was first :-)

    Thank you for posting this!

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  4. How fun... I've never been to an opera but would love to! ;)

    Have a wonderful and blessed day, sweet pretty Nihal!


  5. I like the animation, but I like the music much more, oh I wish to be there and see the opera.
    No operas here on Texel, we have to go somewhere else and that is not easy to do.
    Very lucky Nihal. lol

  6. @ Caron: Me? Is it me really? Oh my... I just don't know how to express my feelings, but lucky bird flies over my head that's for sure:) Many many thanks for this wonderful giveaway, exactly made my day today! Happiest of Happy December and belated Thanksgiving Day wishes to you, Caron. I'm sending you the details now.

  7. Bu sene icinde gittigim 2.opera La Traviata oldu,grup performansi iyi olan bir eserdi, ancak kirbac sahneleri gorulmeye deger :o) sonu dramatik biten bir Verdi saheseri tek kelimeyle...

  8. We share the love of this. It is indeed my favorite of all.

    The performance must have been a magical experience.

  9. You must have had a memorable evening.

    Thanks for the video.


  10. There is nothing lovlier than an evening at the opera!

  11. I love that opera. Divine!

    I love your photo of a candle for the victims of the Mumbai attacks. Thank you.