Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Giving Warmth

This time of year always finds me in the mood for...

my red coat... with a brooch positioned...

something handicraft...
this African Lady in black from a dear friend of mine who's been to South Africa. There's nothing as sweet as an unexpected gift:)

under an azure sky...
the sun warms our faces! ~20-23 degrees celcius! I've been wonderfully distracted. Romance of romance;) Is it really December in Istanbul?

the crunching of the dry leaves underfoot... I'm in awareness of beautiful system because where there is awareness and acceptance of change, there is happiness. Some dead, some being reborn. Yellow and green together. Oh, there is life at an unfathomably rapid-rate!

the other day while driving... I enjoy the mild winter sun. I really do not want to stay inside the office all day, because visibility is best in winter as the trees are becoming bare nowadays.

staying warm indoors with my few favorite magazines and my warm mug...

warming myself down to toes with a bowl of hot soup, cut up the onions, carrots... What is more comforting than this great winter(!) warmer on a beautifully cool evening:)

And warm words... good words, strong words, words that could have moved the mountains written on the backside of this photograph by sweet kind-hearted Sandi and her mother. I don't feel I've really thanked you for all your kindness... this rose just for you both.

There is a comfort in the air, in the warmth, even in the word itself.

Winter. My arms are wide with welcome:)

Well, a
dding books to my wish list and required reading. So I need your little help... Leave a comment now with your favorite tea and an excellent book recommendation. I.. I.. I.. I'll love you forever!:)


  1. Io aggiungo una buona musica e il libro che sto leggendo adesso " I giardini della mente" di Brianzi e Convertino.
    ciao ciao

  2. I like the photo of the blue sky and the single bird most. My favourite tea is Earl Grey, Book... difficult... I am currently reading a great book but it is in Dutch and I am not sure it would be as interesting for you, it is the memoirs of a man who cycled through many countries among others Turkey, it is funny and interesting if you like cycling. I am waiting for "le Scaphandre et le Papillon" but I have not read it yet, it was recommended to me by others.

  3. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. This was a lovely post. I love your red coat!
    My book recommendation is "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen and my favorite tea is Kava.

  4. I'd second the "Water for Elephants" recommendation and I too love the red coat.

    Instanbul - how cool is that? Your header is gorgeous! I absolutely love that people blog from all over the world.

    And now I'll be singing "...Instanbul, not Constantanoble..." all day in my head.


  5. Nihal, this post is just lovely. It makes me want to curl up with a good book and cup of tea, too.

    My favorite tea is Earl Grey. I concur on Water For Elephants. It has been one of my favorites in the last couple of years. I also loved The Time Traveler's Wife.

    Your red coat and brooch must look lovely on you.

  6. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, I see most of the other commenters like it too, so if you didn't use it already you "MUST" now.
    No idea for a book, I'm sorry.

  7. Nihal,
    Thank you for the posting our picture and the lovely rose! What a sweet thing. I have had such a good week and thanks in part to you!! My favorite tea is English Breakfast. I will think on the book recommendation. Are you making reference to the book "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch at the end of your post? If not, then that would be my book to recommend and right after that would be "A Cup of Christmas Tea". Love both books. Jill at the Star Trib sent me the article I sent to you on Turkey. I realized I didn't make a copy of it and she said she would send one along to me. Nice, huh?

  8. Hi Nihal!

    I'm currently reading Edgar Sawtelle(that's the title) and I am drinking Lemon and Ginger tea. Cheers!

  9. I too like Earl Grey but better yet is Lady Grey (Twinings) At the moment I'm drinking Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea (by Stash Tea).

    I post a book review every Wednesday and I would be hard pressed to chose just one favorite.

    Did I read something about romance in your post? I'll go read again.


  10. Oh, my favorite tea is Earl Grey, and I second the recommendation for "Water for Elephants." But let me go one step further, then, if you like some thrills and circus chills - I found Stewart O'nan's book "The Circus Fire" to be fascinating - it's a non-fiction account of a real life circus fire, and he tell it in a way that you can't put it down.

    I also read the Edgar Sawtelle book - that was good, but the ending disappointed me.


  11. Sweet Nihal:
    I've left an e-mail request for you regarding tea & books. My address starts as kbk___@_______. Just so you know it's not Mr. Spam knocking at your door.
    Hugs from Seattle and barely 40 degrees (now where did I leave my soup?)
    Bonnie & shivering Otto

  12. My favourite tea is always Earl GREY
    and book is The Greatest Salesman in the World - by Og Mandino.

  13. @ Thyme: The memoirs of a man who cycled through many countries? Sounds like intriguing! Yes, I like cycling and it should be another taste to discover the world on two wheels. I'll contact you to get its full name&author, hope its translation in eng is available. Thank you so much, xo

    @ Annie: Glad to see your visiting my site, thanks for your lovely note:)

    @ Shalet: I welcome every morning with a smile, and Welcome every new reader with bigger Smile:) Thanks so much for your words, so nice so warm so sincere..

    @ Sandi: Jill at the Star Trib sent you the article? Great news! See Sandi, building a relationship with the people around us and genuinely investing in them make our connections deeper and meaningful.

    @ Bonnie: Sweetest heart you are:) Replied back your kind e-mail and... keep an eye for your Mister Postman;) Oh wait, now 9-days holidays in Turkey. It'll be on the way next week beginning:)

    ** I noted all of your book recommendations and will be ordering via Amazon. What a delight to be reading my new books drinking tea and thinking of you all:) THANK YOU for simply being there, Much LoVe **