Saturday, December 06, 2008

Planning a Trip to France? Lucky you!



Only 25 days left.

Something remarkable will happen in France next year. As if to celebrate Istanbul's stint as the European Capital of Culture 2010, France will host the Year of Turkey in 2009.

Back to the golden pages of history...

France has played an important role in Turkey politically, economically and in particular culturally since the days of Ottoman Empire.
You see there is just one long love story of Turkey-France. We are young, handsome and beautiful, dynamic, hardworking and ambitious:) Sure the wedding date is not yet set, because our family is crowded and sadly some are poor, especially in the eastern part of the country. But we don't get along with the father-in-law. So we keep on trying our best regarding our EU candidacy that may be we might have some difficulties to understand each other that currently suffer tension on the political front, but our relations are definitely good. And, with better cultural relations and collaboration there is and will be HOPE to increase mutual understanding. Therefore I think this is a great opportunity to emphasize the strong and positive ties between two countries as well as express optimism for the future.

As declared in the press, it will be much more than a festival!

The amount of work and preparation that will go into it will take all the effort of the French Ministry of Culture, and some cities that will even host several events, like Lille.
The northern French industrial city of Lille will host its own Istanbul event concurrently with France's Year of Turkey. Really it is a ''big thing!'' when I think it will take place all around France.

Since everything in Turkey is done as the habit of last minute -how annoying me it is-, I wonder if Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is planning and doing all detailed works and there will be an exhibition at the Louvres for the activities of Turkish year...

There can be no final words, only a pause...
this conspicuous rosy statement of Mr Arnaud Littardi, the departure of French Cultural Institue Director that's so true:

''Turkey is a country of possibilities, regardless of some obstacles along the way. You have the feeling that anything is possible here. This is especially true in Istanbul, which has been updated from 'New Rome' to the new 'New York'.''


  1. A celebration of the "Year of Turkey"!!! Oh, my, wish we could celebrate by taking a trip back to Turkey! Perhaps, I'll have to make another quilt. I have a tulip one in mind so who knows, perhaps next year is the year of the Tulip Turkey quilt!!

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  4. Congratulations Nihal!
    ciao ciao

  5. Congratulations with the award!

    And although I am not planning a trip to France, I wish! Are you?

  6. Congratulations with the award.
    It don't think I'll go to France, maybe Turkey.

  7. Congratulations, Nihal! I thought you might just get one of these awards for your amazing and artful blogs!

  8. @ Thyme: To France? I think I will go to control those preparations, lol:) Just a joke:)

    Have to admit that it's difficult to say earlier b'cus sometimes my plan may not work good as I wished and the wind takes me to a different spot.

    @ Dick: To Turkey? Yes, you should:)

    ** Again and again Many Thanks for all of your good wishes, each one of you so kind, so warm-hearted. Much Love:)