Sunday, December 07, 2008

An Ending... And Beginning


If all roads lead to risk in the life, there is only one thing I can do: to live my life by learning, by working, by teaching, by trying my best, by sharing and by letting my passion in everything I do. The www is also a lot like this. I let my passion shape my blog in accordance with all of the above.

And, nothing happens accidental!

Yesterday was the most beautiful moment of my short writing life experienced on blogosphere. I felt more connected to this moment in my 'writing' history. I learned that the Best Blog Of The Day Award went to CrossRoads. Oh my, the Istanbul sky was just filled with many smiles... che felicità! Ne muhtesem bir his!

Your words of encouragement, your thanks and your never-ending support...

I'm so incredibly thankful for who made this experience possible with me, YOU ALL: faithful readers of CrossRoads who appreciated it!

As stated above, be the beginning of a new chapter sure in my writing life after this prestigious award winning.

Current year is about to finish... I'm famously ending 2008 by sharing this honor with you.

But my experience does not end.

Keep happily reading:)


  1. You absolutely deserve it, with your beautiful and socially committed blog.

    Again: congratulations, and may the new year bring much positive inspiration!

  2. Nihal, Congratulations! You certainly deserve the award. You blog is lovely and so diverse. I always enjoy stopping by to see what you will be sharing and your photos are like taking little "day-trips" to distant lands.