Monday, December 29, 2008

Do Not Forget This Day

Do not forget this day and date
Words can't describe the joy
I have beaten my luck finally
Aynen oyle aynen oyle / Exactly like that exactly like that

A pen writes burns out
Only fate can write endlessly
Our love shall not end
Aynen oyle aynen oyle / Exactly like that exactly like that

View the video clip for full:

Ajda Pekkan, a.k.a. ''The Superstar'', the icon of the Turkish music and the most popular woman. Diva. Her career spans over more than four decades. And her unusual amazing performance, beauty, visual affluence inexpressible -if I remind you she's born in 1946 -older than my mother:)

Her song 'Aynen Oyle', one of my favorites to sing and listen every, every, every time, especially my preference now when we are getting ready to leave the year 2008.

You have any song or album that remind you of 2008?


  1. ciao
    puoi riprovare a lasciare commenti sul nuovo sito
    Ho ancora qualche problemino.
    altrimenti scrivimi

  2. Nihal, she is so incredibly talented. I can certainly see why you like her.

    I'll have to think about your question.

  3. Wow, she is even older than me. lol. I listen later, don't have much time now. Hope you have had a great Christmas.

  4. Ajda halen muthis, inanilmaz. Ne diyebilirim..
    Aynen oyle, Nihal, aynen :-)

  5. Istanbul is in snow now. I am listening İncesaz. for 2008, I suggest, a lovely song of Cengiz Onural "Mazi kalbimde bir yaradir "

    (the past is a pain in my heart. )

    stay in love and peace.

  6. @ Ozgur: How nice to see your visiting:) Hosgeldin. Cengiz Onural, who's he? Believe or not, a first for me. Did not know him till now. I'll have to check out his song on the net.

  7. You’ll remember now ,

    Cengiz Onural was the member of Yeni Türkü as kemenche player. In 96, he left Yeni Türkü and founded Incesaz and Aria groups. They’ve prepared musics of very popular movies and tv series like İkinci Bahar, Süper Baba, Deli Yürek , Ekmek Teknesi, Issız Adam :)

    Incesaz will publish a new album in January.

  8. @ Ozgur: Preparing music of very popular movie of recent days Issiz Adam as well? Allright, I see:) I'd easily remember if you did tell me this at first, lol:)