Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Handmade Holidays

Light a candle, turn on your favorite music, make your favorite hot beverage and get out the spice cookies or cake. Just because the time for the second part of our exchange, enjoy:)

  • My memory never fails -not joking:) I did not tell you how much I love pompoms, but how did you know, Debbie?
As my routine doesn't leave me with much time left crafting - so Noel is always a good occasion to craft a little, and try to create something new and simple. For that reason, I am always excited to hang my favorite ornaments, because ornaments like these become little treasures hanging on my tree. With a knit tree, bell, socks they rock my house. All is perfectly done, so lovely mini mini pompoms, cutest they are!

  • Ohh... did not we confirm in return that each one of us enjoys simple things? We did not promise working on less tiring things, Debbie?
A big YES, I did Debbie know how I love cross-stitching. Honestly I supposed to find a little piece of XXXX's work, but she did not let it go at simple, making it nicely framed. I heart this bell very very very much! My photographic object Santa also wanted to sitting close it, and pose for you all:)

If beauty is where empathy and honest emotion meet, I think handmade is the best:) I think handmade package arrangement is the bestest; look at her delicate style where all above covered in this, excellent indeed:

  • In a word, you did not listen me Debbie;) Ahh ah...


  1. What adorable little knitted ornaments!! And I love the cross-stitched bell. I would love to do a bell like that for my daughter. You are lucky to have exchanged with Debbie!!!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2009!!!

  2. Dearest Nihal, wonderful images from this and previous post. Happy New Year and may 2009 brings you lots of happiness, joy and peace.

  3. Have a wonderful party tonight and many good new years to come!