Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Make It M*E*R*R*Y

Keywords: Décor, Christmas, handmade, chic, beads, hanging, felt, exchange.

Postman arrives at Debbie's door in London.
Surprisingly (or not;) she receives a package that's sent from Ist'l. Opens it. What's inside? Simple, yet tasty pieces mostly in the classic red to make her home bright, warm and cheerful...

Mini mini tiny but richness of detail.

Embellished but sparkling and dancing with quality beads.

Red but definitely festive and traditionally ever-inspiring.

Retro looking a bit but still elegant, darling and seasonal.

Yes, I made them at hand:)

May be some of you have shopped till you dropped. Probably spent more than you budgeted... Here's how we outshine our atmosphere on the cheap and unique way:)

And, Debbie sends a kind note to her exchange partner:

Thanks so much Debbie for the testimonial -that's so nice, so kind of you! It took all my tiredness away:) Let's celebrate the season and hope 2009 is a good year for all of us.

For the second part of our exchange, stay tuned. Postwoman already arrived at Nihal's door in Ist'l:)

To be cont'd...


  1. What a lovely, cheerful, sparkly, heartfelt, handmade package of goodies.


  2. A treasured exchange of loveliness between two very special people.

    Each item is a joy.

  3. I have something for you on my blog... come get it! ;)


  4. oooooohhhh!! What lovely little treasures you made, Nihal!! And what a lovely note that Debbie sent you. Now it will be fun to see what the postman has brought to you. My partner just received her swap and so today or tomorrow I will post our items. Wasn't this a fun exchange?!!!

  5. The ornaments you made are so pretty Nihal! They are the very best as they come from your heart.

    Did you see my very best new Christmas "ornament"? My little grandson was born last week! We are all so excited and thankful for him.

    Hugs, Pat

  6. What beautiful ornaments you made! Lucky Debbie!! Can't wait to see what she made you!

  7. Nihal,
    I am speechless. Such exquisite beauty and delicacy! The Christmas tree, amongst the most creative and beautiful I have ever seen, the angel, the beading, such treasures. I am happy you shared them with all of us, your creations are such an inspiration. Thank you!

  8. @ Cielo: You know the days go by like paper in the wind. Everything changes, then changes again but it's hard to find a friend like you who's not changing, rooting deeply. These awards are so good, many thanks but nothing when I think of you, stay.

    @ Pat: I can feel how exciting as you all have waited for this day to arrive. Definitely the bestest gift from God. My wishes for little Leo to have a healthy and successful life. *Congrats*

    @ Merisi: How nice to see your visiting, heartfelt thanks for your sweet note. Come again.