Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Impossible

This is a story of a blind man. But this blind man successfully 'paints'. Yes, he is a Turkish artist, painter, Esref Armagan, from Ankara. Before reading his story, please dismiss the video. Now:

When I read the news I could not believe. After watching video, I said 'Awesome! Incredible!' I'm thrilled...

What blows my mind is this: he is NOT into abstract paintings.
But he makes colourful wonderful paintings! As you see he draws lake, mountain, panaromic views, lanscapes, occasionally people, insect, butterfly... Is there anyone to tell me how his paintings come to life? When I think myself, I can draw as I've got a visionary imagination, even if my eyes are closed. Yes, I can. However he has never seen a light since his birth!

Armagan did not go blind after years, but he is a totally blind born.
If there's no data coming in then he could not draw pictures, but he does perfectly! He is extraordinary!

According to the news, he touches the objects with his hands. Feels them after having investigated it with his fingers. He learned basic elements like shadow, size, colour after asking and talking to the people around of him.

The most important thing I wonder is ''How does a brain produce (visual) image(s) that was not stored?''

Upon an invitation, he goes to USA -Harvard Univ- for several tests in order to understand how his brain works, as stated in the news. He is asked to draw several objects. And, it's found that his visual cortex normally responds like many other people who see. It looks like it will enlighten many questions about brain and its working mechanism that we had never known before.

But I'm not satisfied. How he is able to make a painting? How those perspectives are amazing? I think it's not common case! I think it should be a miracle!


  1. Wow, it is a miracle, I can't explain it but I've red before people can see colors or dark/light using their fingers.
    But that doesn't explain it, maybe whitout knowing his imagination created the world like we see it????? Well it's only a thought, not of much use but I like to hear better ideas.

    btw. Did you hear the "O mio babbino caro" aria, I've enjoyed it soooooooooo much. Fantastic post.

  2. @ Dick: O mio babbino caro (Oh my dear papa)? Yes, I know. Watched it online, wonderful indeed! One of the most famous aria of opera from Gianni Schicchi and Puccini. It did not come in my hometown yet, La Traviata still here on programme till Jan 1st '09.

    O mio babbino caro
    Mi piace è bello, bello
    Vo' andare in Porta Rossa
    a comperar l'anello..
    O Dio, vorrei morir!

    Bello, vero se l'opera italiano:) Did you watch it in an opera house?

  3. Not just how.. but why!? I can imagine the how. I once dropped something on a table and the table vibrated with the blow, so that my fingers caught the vibration. My friend laughed at me and said: you can not hear with your fingers! I know I can't but I can catch vibrations with my skin. Ezra catches shapes with his fingers and senses what we see. But why would he make a picture that he can not see after he has made it? It is flat...

    Second question.. how much would we who have eyes be able to see if only we opened these amazing instruments. Look at this blind man who is seeing more than we are with all his other senses, without even using his eyes at all!

  4. Nihal,
    This is absolutely fascinating!! I watched him paint and I can hardly believe what my eyes see as he works!! Thank you for sharing. I am going to forward this post on to my son and daughter and other friends. I think you are right - it is truly a miracle!

  5. That is really amazing. The brain is such a marvelous thing. I would not have thought it possible.

  6. Dearest Nihal,interesting post, and the below post is very beautiful and only the best from a talented Nihal. I wanted to wish you a very Merry and blessed Christmas, I know its a bit early but better do it before I go on my break. wishing you lots of happiness, love, hope and all the blessings in the world. Much love, M

  7. Haha, a new idea. Maybe without knowing he picks up other people's brain images!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think it is possible?

    No I haven't seen the opera, we don't have such things here. In Amsterdam is an opera house but for me it is difficult to go there.
    I have CD's and some DVD's the most of Maria Callas she is my favorite but of course I can't see her live.

  8. That is just absolutely incredible. What an amazing talent.

  9. @ Dick: You wanted to say his brain works like a magnet?? Why not although seems impossible to my understanding:)
    You see science can't bring an understanding to solve his brain. 1 in ~7 billion of world ppl, as I've never heard such a case till now. What's it if not a miracle:)