Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stealing Time For LoVe

Do you think... one day comes that innocence can be found at the Museum? Do not read my post if it does not make any sense to you:)

He was thinking and searching for a good answer to the question of ''What, in fact, is love?''

So he decided to writing a story of 1975's.

He was taking notes as above..

Without stopping. Writing, correcting, writing, correcting..

Because it was not an ordinary love story!

He was unhappy, crying sad state of mind while pouring his words into the paper ''It was the happiest moment of my life, I did not know.''

Lovely memories which were going back in old Istanbul days
circa 1970's as above, what a joy ride in a Pink Cadillac along the Bosphorus.. Ahhh what days it must have been lived..

So he spent a big amount of time on this story for 10 years... quietly recounting his feelings til today.

He was telling a love story over 30 yrs, of a rich Istanbul well-educated man and his distant love, beautiful but poor young girl while he was in deep miss for oldies goodies days of the past in his hometown, Istanbul..

It was an innocent love, ... and an obsessive passion. Maybe a love story that's hard to find its examples in today's world..

Finally The Museum of Innocence (Turkish: Masumiyet Müzesi) was born. Aug 2008.

It is not only pink days' story, a very ambitious book that I have just enjoyed reading it this fall. He was also talking about his childhood, the days of post-Ottoman melancholy when Turkey was very very far away from Europe both life style and economical, city Istanbul that was standing on the ruins of lost Ottoman glory, and his mourning of the loss of Ottoman wealth.

What a big change in a short time that I could hardly believe. Apart from its deep, detailed and funny look over the years and every field of life, he touched on many issues such as --from newspapers. radio. television to paintings, from love. loneliness. friendship. family. furnitures to the museums--. The values and the approach to life in depth very well analysed and brought into light. I think it should have been exactly how the people were then. Ahhh I wish I could have taken the time back for only a few days... I know I can't but I would wish.

It's today the Western Istanbul as we see it like you and others, but there are millions of sad stories in this big sea of poverty, immigrations, frustration and contradictions while Istanbul is certainly in the process of transforming itself into an attractive cultural and financial center. All in all, the story touched me very deeply!

Only a novel? You are wrong. In the same time it's the name of a museum-house in which several scenes in the novel take place, the name of the unopened Museum! Yes, he has been trying to set up an actual museum in Cukurcuma, Istanbul's funky antiques district. And, the Museum will exhibit several objects which are delineated in this novel, he said.

As you see following a good reading of this book does not end. A part of this novel is about to come true...! A novel and a Museum dedicated to it, what an everlasting ideaaaa! I've not heard such a project before, and it should be a First in the world.

The man who created a Museum from his innocent pink love is Orhan Pamuk. Our Nobel Prize winning novelist in year 2006, as seen above. It's his latest book published, and translated into more than fifty languages. Today he's professor of comparative literature in Columbia University (in New York City), and please visit his site for a glimpse into his books.

If love is a choice you make from moment to moment as Barbara De Andelis quoted, my wish is that everyone should make choice for Love, every kind of Love. Look what Pamuk said in an interview: ''Museum and collecting, the expression of passion for passing art works to next generations is a kind of love, too.''

You too don't wait to steal a little time for love and to show your Love. It's in everything. And, now it's an unfortunate time that world is more hunger for love than ever before, so let's spread pink hearts instead of allowing anger and fear.

My morning started with my perfectly full and warm mug of coffee slipping out of my hands. With so much going on, it's nice to take a breather once in a while. And reading is always relaxing if it's a book giving you love with pink hearts like The Museum Of Innocence. Now I'm feeling cozy at this computer for a bit pink work:)

Here are my three comforts I can't live without, YOU?

Visit Beverly's house now as it's reflecting hope+happiness+love+positive thinking+seeing+feeling+living with interesting participants who wear Pink glasses and prettify the world with their stories.

My special note:
* This post is dedicated to a kind-hearted friend whom I love, Beverly, promoter for the Pink Saturday event *


  1. I will have to come back for it, because I don't have the time to read the whole story. The handwriting in the first photo is pretty ythough, although I can not understand the writing!

  2. @ Thyme: Hahaaaa.. you're funny:) Impossible for you if you don't know Turkish:) It's his original handwriting, his notes about the story, I easily read:) Good news, the book is available in more than 30 languages -check Dutch version if you're interested in.

  3. The book sounds interesting. I'll have to look for it in English.


  4. What an interesting pink post, although I dont understand the writing, I fully understand the sentiment..HPS xx

  5. Oh, thank you for posting this! I read "Snow" by Pamuk a while back, and really enjoyed it. I will definitely look for this book.

    I love the photo at top - just a wonderful composition.

    Thanks for your comment on Venus/Venice, Nihal. I'm going to write more about Venice, so come back and visit!

  6. Ah, Nihal. As always I find you with an open heart giving love. I treasure you, too, my dear friend.

    This book sounds like an excellent read. I will definitely look for it the next time I am shopping.

    My heart is always open for love.

  7. What a lovely post. I am definitely going to look for this book. And I am going now to check out Beverly's House for a little visit! :-)

  8. Hello and so nice to meet you. Enjoyed reading your post and will be back again soon.


  10. I am very intrigued and would love to read this book.

  11. I've not heard of this book. But after reading your post on it...I need to go find a copy! Thanks!! The museum sounds so interesting.

  12. Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Your blog is very nice and interesting.


  13. Sorry so late getting to repond to your Pink Saturday post.....this is when I am able to play "catch up". Thanks for stopping by my "place" for PS....I really love the picture with the pink convertable :)

  14. @ Glennis: Oh is it? One of my very dear readers reading one of his books, so good, Glennis:) Snow is only one of his top-selling books. Try this one as well, I know you'll like it:)

    @ How nice to get sweet pink notes! Thank you sooo much.

    Warm WelCome wishes for 'new' pink-lover girls at my home upon my 5th participation:

    :: Ed, Sondra, Ann, Paula, Amy ::