Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday's Arrival


This is Venice, the City of Water.

Acqua alta (=High water), subsidence and floods are the current problems. The highest water level in more than 20 yrs in this Italian city.

This is Afghanistan.
UN says that number of hungry people worldwide nears 1 billion. This number could rise further as a result of the ongoing financial and economic crisis.

This is Mumbai, of India.
Main financial center and one of the largest gold hubs. World's largest gold consumer suffered a serious of deadly attacks on Nov 26, 2008.

This is Zimbabwe.
Country is facing cholera emergency! It's caused by food or water tainted with vibrio cholera bacteria causing diarrhea. The disease is preventable and treatable under normal conditions but the prolonged ecnomic and political crisis in Zimbabwe exacerbating the problem that can lead to death.

And, this is Athens. Greece.
I saw the largest and most violent clashes for the first time in my life!!! Like a war zone!

Setting fire to government buildings, police stations, burning dozens of cars, smashing shops, banks, luxury hotels, and torching the Christmas tree in Syntagma Square of Athens. This rioting began in Greece quickly spread to Germany, France, Italy and even Istanbul! Have caused millions of $$$ worth of damage and left dozens of people injured.

One protester's saying to the BBC is very interesting, and I can't find anything to comment on this; only I'm sad, very sad:

''It's not the first time. They always kill people -immigrants, innocent people- and without any excuse.''

To do nothing is to accept the status quo and I don't agree with this. A
ll of these dangerous and unacceptable events have occured but what I can't tolerate is the tragic death of a 16 y.o. teenager by Greek police.

It's clear that global economic mess is a universal affair and contributed to this rioting in Greece as well. I think that Greek people experiencing a multiple crisis: an economic crisis, a social crisis, an institutional crisis, and 'a crisis of values'.

Global warming, poverty, rising food prices and the hunger people, attacks, no end for healthcare crisis, rioting... Let me end my article with a saying from our culture that's very good fitting all world' happenings, in Turkish:

''Persembenin gelisi Carsambadan bellidir.''

It says coming events cast their shadows before. In other words, Thursday's arrival appears from Wednesday.

Riots in EU is the end of democracy? Any sign of ending the Greece's nightmare? Read the full article


  1. Oh yes a lot of bad things.
    Suprised to see me here? I'm not gone completely, I like this place.

  2. Nihal the world is going a bit bad.
    ciao ciao

  3. Oh yes, I am very sad and aghast about the tragic death of this boy. And I am feeling so helpless.


  4. I know it is over-simplifying, but why can't everyone just be respectful and get along? I daily pray for peace.

  5. I don't know if I will ever really understand why people behave in such violent never makes anything better.

  6. @ Dick: I thought you've gone because of your passive blog.
    I see that you decided to take place in the jury: to evaluate others' work:)
    That is fine. And, thanks for your continuous interest on reading my lines:) You're always welcome.